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Tachyum Touts Value Proposition of Prodigy Universal Processor at ISC 2021

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, June 22, 2021 – Tachyum™ today announced its return to the ISC High Performance Conference with an in-depth look at progress made in the development of its Prodigy Universal Processor as part of the company’s digital exhibition at the event June 24-July 2. 

Dr. Radoslav Danilak, founder and CEO of Tachyum, detailed information about the first universal processor’s architecture, performance and reference design as part of ISC’s inaugural online event last year.  At ISC 2021 Digital, Tachyum will host presentations highlighting key achievements reached over the past year – including improvements gained from successfully transitioning to a 5nm feature size and the delivery of a fully functional FPGA emulation server system – as well as Prodigy’s unique value proposition within the HPC and AI industries, such as performance, TCO and software composability. 

Prodigy has the potential to create unrivalled computational speed and huge energy saving capabilities for hyperscale, OEM, telco, private cloud and government markets. Prodigy’s 10x lower processor core power usage will dramatically cut carbon emissions associated with data center usage. Prodigy’s 3x lower cost (at equivalent performance) will also translate to billions of dollars in annual savings to hyperscalers like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Alibaba. An HPC cluster utilizing Prodigy is being deployed within the EU as part of the NSCC Slovakia Supercomputer project with a reference design expected in the first half of 2022 before becoming fully operational later in the year. 

Tachyum’s Prodigy processor can run HPC applications, convolutional AI, explainable AI, general AI, bio AI, and spiking neural networks, plus normal data center workloads, on a single homogeneous processor platform, using existing standard programming models. Without Prodigy, hyperscale data centers must use a combination of CPU, GPU, TPU hardware, for these different workloads, creating inefficiency, expense, and the complexity of separate supply and maintenance infrastructures. Using specific hardware dedicated to each type of workload (e.g. data center, AI, HPC), results in underutilization of hardware resources, and more challenging programming, support, and maintenance. Prodigy’s ability to seamlessly switch among these various workloads dramatically changes the competitive landscape and the economics of data centers. 

“I look forward to returning to the ISC High Performance conference to share with attendees the tremendous strides we have made in our continued development of the Prodigy Universal Processor Chip,” said Danilak. “With the growth of HPC and AI marketplaces and the issues and problems that these segments face worldwide, there is an increased need for a solution that dramatically improves performance, density and power consumption of datacenters.  Prodigy is that solution and provides cascading benefits for tomorrow’s mission-critical workloads.” 

ISC High Performance 2021 brings together a community devoted to the relentless improvement of technologies and products that will help drive the future. Through HPC, these individuals will forge applications that not only promise to push the boundaries of scientific knowledge, but also help solve some of society’s most pressing problems.  To learn more about ISC 2021 or to register to attend, interested parties can visit 

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Tachyum is disrupting data center, HPC, and AI markets by providing the world’s first Universal Processor, with industry leading performance, cost and power, across all three computational domains, while, at the same time, enabling data centers to exceed the capacity of the human brain. Tachyum, Co-founded by Dr. Radoslav Danilak, and its flagship product Prodigy, begins high-rate production in 2021, with software emulations and an FPGA-based emulator available to early adopters. It is targeting a $50B market, growing at 20% per year. With data centers currently consuming over 3% of the planet’s electricity, predicted to be 10% by 2025, the ultra-low power Prodigy Universal Processor is critical, if we want to continue doubling worldwide data center capacity every four years. Tachyum is one of the founding members of I4DI (Innovations for Digital Infrastructure), which will build the world’s fastest AI supercomputer in Slovakia showcasing Prodigy.  Tachyum has offices in the USA and Slovakia, EU. For more information, visit