High-Performance Computing

High-Performance Computing

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A supercomputer interconnects a large number of processors (from a few hundred to several thousand) working in parallel. The fastest supercomputers are currently achieving petascale performance, and the next frontier is exascale computing.
Tachyum added value

Tachyum added value

Achieving exascale computing, according to traditional integrators, requires:

  • More high bandwidth CPU’s
  • More ARM CPU’s
  • More Accelerators (GPU’s)
  • More management
  • More complexity
  • More electricity
  • More money
Tachyum’s vision for exascale computing

On the other hand, there is Tachyum’s vision for exascale computing

Prodigy’s breakthrough computational density (MIPS/Socket, MIPS/Watt) and its unprecedented I/O bandwidth, coupled with its universality, will increase Petascale and Exascale HPC access dramatically, across a broad spectrum of use cases, while driving HPC costs down appreciably.

The societal effects of cost-efficient Exascale computing, available for rent at hyperscale data centers everywhere, will be profound.

Tachyum offers

Tachyum offers

  • The World’s 1st Universal Processor for Servers / AI / HPC
  • Supercomputers with Tachyum’s processors priced at less than a tenth of those currently on the market or on competitor’s product roadmaps.
  • Dedicated Prodigy-powered HPC systems will be affordable for transactional and mission critical computing. Prodigy will “democratize” HPC, due to its much lower CAPEX and OPEX compared to what is currently available.

Supercomputing power is currently increasing so fast that world-class machines are becoming obsolete, on average, after only 5-6 years. As an example, an ordinary laptop today has the computing power of the world’s top supercomputer 25 years ago.

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For dedicated, state-of-the-art government-funded Exascale systems, the Prodigy processor scheduled for release in 2022 will directly enable a path to 50-100 AI ExaFLOPS Prodigy-powered machines by 2023, at 3-6x lower cost per ExaFLOPS compared to the announced budget for the latest El Capitan 2 ExaFLOPS system, also due out in 2023.

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HPC in Action for science, society, and industry

  • Segments HPC can be used in...

    • Automotive industry

      Automotive industry

    • Engineering industry

      Engineering industry

    • Biotechnology and medicine

      Biotechnology and medicine

    • Material science

      Material science

    • Agriculture


    • Financial services

      Financial services

    • Energy services

      Energy services

    • Oil & Gas

      Oil & Gas

    • Government


  • Utilizations HPC can be used for...

    • Molecular modelling

      Molecular modelling

    • Life sciences

      Life sciences

    • Refugee movement forecasts

      Refugee movement forecasts

    • Weather prediction

      Weather prediction

    • Climate modelling

      Climate modelling

    • Precision medicine

      Precision medicine

    • Precision agriculture

      Precision agriculture

    • Simulations


    • Animation and video processing

      Animation and video processing