Artificial Intelligence

Prodigy-powered universal servers in hyperscale data centers, during off-peak hours, will deliver 10x more AI Neural Network training/inference resources than currently available, CAPEX free (i.e. at low cost, since the Prodigy-powered universal computing servers are already bought & paid for).

As AI migrates to more sophisticated and control-intensive disciplines, such as Spiking Neural Nets, Explainable AI, Symbolic AI and Bio AI, Prodigy will deliver an order of magnitude better performance than its competitors.

Artificial Inteligence

Tachyum’s Prodigy based TPU core will be sold as a licensable soft IP core, enabling edge computing and IOT products to directly incorporate high performance AI capabilities at a very low cost. IOT products will have onboard high-performance AI inference engines, optimized to exploit Prodigy-based AI training from either the cloud or the home office.