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    1. | AI-TechPark

      Tachyum moves UEFI to Beta, Adds RAID 1 Capabilities to Prodigy

      These latest improvements are a further indication that Tachyum’s Prodigy® hardware continues to mature through its development stages prior to its public release.

    2. | eeNews Europe

      Tachyum moves UEFI to beta, adds RAID

      Universal processor designer Tachyum has moved its Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) to beta and added RAID 1 redundant storage capabilities.

    3. | The AI Journal

      Tachyum Adds Watchdog Timers to Prodigy FPGA

      Available as both a hardware and virtualized time, Prodigy’s watchdog is part of a self-healing infrastructure within datacenters. It allows the automatic recovery of servers that hang without human intervention. This functionality is important for organizations with hundreds to thousands of servers.

    4. | EIN News

      Tachyum Adds Watchdog Timers to Prodigy FPGA

      Tachyum today announced that it has added a watchdog timer to its Prodigy® FPGA emulation system to help detect and recovery from device or system malfunction. The mechanism facilitates automatic correction of temporary hardware faults and prevents errant or malevolent software from disrupting system operations.

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    1. | EE Herald

      Tachyum testing Git access to its software repositories

      This latest advancement is part of the company’s continued commitment to releasing all open-source software in order to provide customers and partners with an easy, straightforward platform for early Prodigy testing ahead of silicon availability while reducing support requirements.

    2. | Yahoo! Finance

      Tachyum Is Testing Open Sourcing of Prodigy Software Through Git

      Providing Git access helps enable quick, easy, out-of-the-box testing and evaluation for customers and partners using their existing ISA prior to running their applications natively on Prodigy.

    3. | TMCnet

      Tachyum Completes Testing of Debugger on its Prodigy FPGA Prototype

      This latest capability has undergone testing with GNU Debugger (gdb), a widely used Linux tool for debugging software, to ensure successful operations and is a key component of Prodigy’s continued march towards production.

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    1. | The AI Journal

      Tachyum Solidifies Reliability, Availability and Serviceability of Prodigy Universal Processor

      Designed from the ground up, Tachyum’s comprehensive RAS strategy encompasses multiple facets at the silicon, platform and system levels to ensure Prodigy deployments provide high performance along with high reliability and availability at all levels.

    2. | New Electronics

      Tachyum demonstrates Machine Check and Recovery on Prodigy FPGA

      Prodigy can provide Double Error Correction and Triple Error Detection (DECTED), which is a key feature to improving uptime, and is complemented by EDAC to enable preventative maintenance.

    3. |

      Tachyum Demonstrates Machine Check and Recovery on Prodigy FPGA

      By detecting and seamlessly correcting errors caused by external events in the CPU’s internal memory blocks and attached DDR modules, Prodigy can run prolonged workflows without interruption to maintain and improve uptime of systems deployed at scale.

    4. | ADVFN

      Tachyum Demonstrates Machine Check and Recovery on Prodigy FPGA

      Tachyum today announced the addition of Machine Check and Recovery (MCR) capabilities with the Linux Error Detection and Correction (EDAC) subsystem to the Prodigy® Universal Processor with successful deployment demonstrated as part of the FPGA emulation system.

    5. | Tom's Hardware

      Tachyum plans to sample server platforms early next year — oft-delayed Prodigy chips slated for production in Q2 2024

      Tachyum on Tuesday announced that it will offer 1U and 2U server reference designs based on its Prodigy processors to OEMs and ODMs to enable them to quickly evaluate the 192-core Universal Processor and build their own machines using the new chips. The company plans to sample these server reference designs in Q1 2025, following its planned start of Prodigy chip production in Q2 2024.

    6. | StreetInsider

      Tachyum Has Disclosed 1U and 2U Server/HPC/AI Reference Designs

      Tachyum today announced that it is bringing 1U and 2U platform solutions to market behind a strategy that ensures customers and partners will be able to quickly and easily test, benchmark and deploy Prodigy® solutions across a broad range of supported applications and workloads.

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    1. | NY Breaking News

      Use AI models for as little as $5,000’: Brave CPU startup that claimed it saved 99% on AI costs now wants to sell you an AI workstation – with an incredible price tag and 1TB RAM

      CPU startup Tachyum has previously said that one of its Prodigy Universal Processor units could rival dozens of Nvidia H200 GPUs. The 192-core 5nm processor delivers 4.5x the performance of the best processors for cloud workloads and claims to be six times more effective than GPUs for AI.

      Now the company has announced the Prodigy ATX Platform, an AI workstation that promises to run advanced AI models for just $5,000. The ambitious system, which features an impressive 1TB of memory, is designed to make advanced AI models accessible to a wider audience.

    2. | TechBSB

      Introducing Tachyum’s Affordable Prodigy ATX Platform!

      Dr. Danilak believes generative AI will become essential much sooner than expected, making AI crucial for websites, chatbots, and other tools. He thinks Prodigy’s capabilities will make running LLMs easier and cheaper than current CPU + GPU setups, giving smaller players a chance in the AI game.

    3. | TechPowerUp

      Tachyum Demonstrates PMU Running on Prodigy FPGA Emulation System

      The PMU is an essential tool for collecting information about performance bottlenecks. It offers the ability to record a wide range of events that encompass every aspect of the Prodigy Universal Processor without slowing down the application itself.

    4. | Yahoo! Finance

      Tachyum Demonstrates PMU Running on Prodigy FPGA Emulation System

      Tachyum today announced that it has added a Performance Monitoring Unit (PMU) to its Prodigy® FPGA emulation system, empowering customers and partners with the ability to address bottlenecks and better optimize Prodigy performance for all applications and workloads.

    5. | Morningstar

      Tachyum Upgrades Software Package in Advance of Beta Release of the Prodigy Universal Processor

      Tachyum® today announced that it has upgraded the software stack for the Prodigy® Universal Processor before the anticipated launch of its beta version around the end of quarter.

    6. | StreetInsider

      Tachyum Upgrades Software Package in Advance of Beta Release of the Prodigy Universal Processor

      The Prodigy software distribution is a completely integrated software stack and package that is ready for deployment “as is.” It is available as a single pre-installed image for Tachyum’s early adopters and customers.

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    1. | TechRadar Pro

      1/100th of the cost: CPU startup Tachyum claims that one of its processing units can rival dozens of Nvidia H200 GPUs — with a 99% saving that could turn the AI market on its head if true

      The 5nm Prodigy processor can dynamically switch between AI, HPC, and cloud workloads and costs $23,000

    2. | KillerStartups

      Tachyum’s Prodigy Processor Targets 2024 Production

      As Tachyum approaches large-scale production for the Prodigy processor, Danilak is enthusiastic about realizing the company’s mission to evolve traditional data centers into Universal Computing Centers in the near future. This transformative endeavor aims to deliver unmatched processing capabilities, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to meet the growing demands for high-performance computing across industries.

    3. | HPC Wire

      Tachyum Caps 2023 with Significant Progress, Aims for Strong 2024 with Prodigy Processor

      Anticipated company highlights of the coming year include:

      • Advancements in Product Development – Reference design is expected to soon be revealed once the Tachyum team finishes final debugging and cleaning of the chip.
      • Increased Business Development – With the final reference chip available, Tachyum will target early adopter markets, including high performance computing and artificial intelligence applications.
    4. | AI-TechPark

      Tachyum Well Positioned for an Exceptional 2024

      Tachyum diligently worked throughout 2023 to ensure that it is positioned at the precipice of success for the coming year. Achievements in hardware and software, advancements in IP component technology and a major purchase order to build a large-scale system were key contributing factors that are expected to benefit the company’s upcoming year.

    5. | Morningstar

      Tachyum Well Positioned for an Exceptional 2024

      With volume production of Prodigy®, the world’s first Universal Processor, scheduled for 2024, Tachyum® officials expect to build off the momentum it gained through a series of successes last year while capitalizing on the current semiconductor upcycle to revolutionize the data center.

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