Tachyum’s Prodigy Evolves to Next Level: 1U/2U Solutions for Data Centers

  • Feb 25, 2024 Date of publishing
  • 15 Pages


Tachyum Prodigy, the world’s first Universal Processor, was designed from the ground up to provide leading-edge AI features to address the emerging demand for AI across a wide range of applications and workloads. Prodigy’s revolutionary new architecture unifies the functionality of CPU, GPGPU, and TPU to address today’s ever-increasing demands for AI, HPC, and cloud without costly and power-hungry accelerators.

The high-performance processing that Prodigy offers requires a system-level strategy to ensure that customers and partners can quickly and easily test, benchmark, and deploy Prodigy solutions across the broad array of applications and workloads that Prodigy supports. This paper presents Prodigy’s data center strategy to deliver 1U and 2U platform solutions to the market.