Tachyum’s Prodigy ATX Platform Democratizing AI for Everyone

  • Feb 8, 2024 Date of publishing
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Tachyum Prodigy, the world’s first Universal Processor, was designed from the ground up to provide leading-edge AI features to address the emerging demand for AI across a wide range of applications and workloads. Prodigy’s revolutionary new architecture unifies the functionality of CPU, GPGPU, and TPU to address a wide range of workloads, including today’s ever-increasing AI demands without costly and power-hungry accelerators.

In addition to its unified architecture, Prodigy’s AI subsystem incorporates groundbreaking features that deliver high performance and efficiency for AI applications, including the 4-bit TAI exponential data type and multiple levels of sparse matrix processing which enables Prodigy to process large language models (LLMs) with 2-bit effective weights, providing never-before-seen efficiency. In addition, Prodigy integrates up to 16 DDR5 memory controllers to provide unprecedented memory bandwidth and capacity. Prodigy’s powerful AI capabilities enable LLMs to run much easier and cost-effectively than existing CPU + GPGPU based systems. A single 96-core Prodigy with 1 TB of memory can run a ChatGPT4 model with 1.7 trillion parameters, whereas it requires 52 Nvidia H100 GPUs to run the same thing at significantly higher cost and power consumption.

This paper presents the Prodigy ATX Platform, focusing on the hardware architecture, target applications, and how it will democratize AI for those who wouldn’t normally have access to sophisticated AI models. The Prodigy ATX Platform allows everyone to develop and run cutting edge AI models for as low as $5,000 in an entry-level platform SKU configuration featuring a 48-core Prodigy and 256 GB of DDR5 memory.


  1. Tachyum Prodigy ATX Platform
    Tachyum Prodigy ATX Platform
  2. Tachyum Prodigy ATX Platform Motherboard
    Tachyum Prodigy ATX Platform Motherboard