Performance White Paper

Prodigy’s revolutionary new architecture employs state-of-the-art technology which requires that the design be complemented by high reliability, availability, and serviceability, or RAS, to ensure that customer platforms are not only high performance but reliable and easy to service in the field.

This paper provides an overview of Prodigy’s RAS strategy and delves into the key RAS features in each major area that enable Prodigy to provide a complete solution for the high performance and reliability demands of today’s data centers. The paper complements an earlier Tachyum white paper which showcased a large Prodigy lead customer data center designed to run 8 ZF of AI performance where RAS will clearly be a critical component.

UEFI Manual

UEFI replaces the traditional BIOS as a next-generation interface between the operating system and platform firmware. It is used during startup to initialize the hardware and load the OS. Additionally, UEFI determines device boot priority and allows users to customize hardware and software settings. With this latest release, menus and submenus, screens and options received upgrades for better functionality and an improved user experience.

The manual explains each of the UEFI menus, how to configure UEFI parameters and how to save new configurations. The documents are intended for users who install, maintain, troubleshoot and administer Prodigy platforms.