Tachyum Prodigy integrates the functionality of CPUs, GPUs and TPUs into a single homogeneous architecture, delivering cutting-edge performance, energy consumption, server utilization, and space efficiency to address the growing demands of AI, HPC, and hyperscale data centers.

  • Tachyum Prodigy™ T432

    Tachyum Prodigy™ T432

    32 cores at 3.2 GHz

    2 x DDR4

    24 PCI Express 4.0

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  • Tachyum Prodigy™ T864

    Tachyum Prodigy™ T864

    Up to 64 cores in a single socket, up to 128 cores in a dual socket

    8 x DDR4/5

    48 PCI Express 5.0

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  • Tachyum Prodigy™ T16128

    Tachyum Prodigy™ T16128

    128 cores at 4 GHz

    12 x DDR5

    48 PCI Express 5.0

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