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Volume 2, Number 3, July 2022

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Dr. Radoslav Danilak, Founder and CEO of Tachyum

In the second quarter of 2022, Tachyum achieved several important product development milestones. Dedicated to its mission to conquer the processor performance plateau in nanometer-class chips and the systems they power, we successfully launched our first commercial product. Over 200 global publications in more than 20 languages have reported on the Tachyum Prodigy product launch worldwide.

Tachyum’s Prodigy processor exceeded its initial performance targets and significantly outperforms the current industry leading processors that are available in hyperscale, HPC and AI markets. With its higher performance and industry leading energy efficiency, Tachyum’s Prodigy processor will enable Slovakia to procure the world’s fastest AI (Artificial Intelligence) supercomputer, delivering up to 128 exaflops of AI computing performance. Tachyum has been able to double the AI performance of a proposed Slovakian supercomputer within the same 70 million EUR budget, initially approved. This doubles AI training and inference capacity, at no additional cost.

We are now accepting pre-orders for a limited quantity of Prodigy Evaluation Platforms featuring fully functional Prodigy processors with memory and application software. They will be available for qualified customers and partners later this year.

Tachyum has announced new IP suppliers, Alphawave IP and Rambus, who have provided us with critical IP components, that have been verified and are fully functional. We’re working on obtaining legal compensation from our previous IP supplier.

We signed a letter of agreement to become a member of the Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) community to further develop and support the chiplet ecosystem and drive on-package innovations. Tachyum also joined the European Technology Platform for High Performance Computing (ETP4HPC), an industry-led think tank promoting European HPC research and innovation to support the region’s competitiveness. We have announced our intention to collaborate with Kempelen Institute of Intelligent Technologies (KInIT) and have opened discussions regarding future cooperation with ETH Zürich and CERN in Switzerland. We have also entered into an agreement with M Computers, an IT services provider based in the Czech Republic, to bring Tachyum’s Prodigy technology to commercial, industrial, and scientific research institutions in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Tachyum was awarded Startup of the Year in the National Round of Central European Startup Awards which is a part of Global Startup Awards, a global competition to recognize the best talents of the global start-up ecosystem. Though I am pleased to be recognized as Founder of the Year in the Slovakia region of the Central European Startup Awards, I am more excited about Tachyum earning recognition as the top company in the country. Everyone at Tachyum has worked diligently to deliver the world’s first universal processor to market in order to best address the growing needs of AI, HPC and hyperscale data centers. A big thank you to all our supporters. I’m doubly grateful for our two wins.


Tachyum Launched the World's

First Universal Processor

On May 11th, 2022, Tachyum launched the world’s first universal processor and unveiled its specifications. Tachyum’s Prodigy unifies the functionality of a CPU (Central Processing Unit) for general-purpose processing, a GPGPU (General-Purpose Graphics Processing Unit) for HPC and hardware acceleration of algorithms that process large blocks of data in parallel, and a TPU (Tensor Processing Unit) for accelerating AI applications, all into a single, homogeneous, universal processor architecture. Prodigy is manufactured in industry-leading 5nm process technology, optimizing performance, power, and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for today’s performance-driven, green data centers.

The Prodigy Cloud/AI/HPC supercomputer processor offers 4x the performance of the fastest Xeon and has 3x more raw performance than NVIDIA’s H100 on HPC. It has 6x more raw performance on AI training and inference workloads than NVIDIA’s H100 and up to 10x performance at the same power.

Rack level comparison

The Air-Cooled Prodigy Rack features 24 4P (4 processors) 2U servers and 96 Prodigy midrange chips to deliver up to 6.5 times the performance for HPC applications and up to 12.6 times the performance for AI applications with up to 16x higher performance/TCO than the NVIDIA H100 DGX POD featuring 4x H100 DGX and 32x H100 SMX.The Liquid-Cooled Prodigy Rack contains 36 4P (4 processors) 1U servers and 144 Prodigy top-end chips to extend performance for HPC applications to up to 13.5x and 27x for AI applications compared to the NVIDIA system. It also delivers up to 13x higher performance at more than 10x less TCO than the H100 SMX.

By increasing performance while using less power, Prodigy solves the problem of sustainable data center growth by offering unparalleled carbon footprint reduction. This is especially important as the universality of AI continues to gain traction: Prodigy will enable unprecedented data center TCO savings as part of this new-world market.

Decorative quotemark

“We have long believed in our ability to overcome Moore’s Law to transform hyperscale data centers into true universal computing centers. With the launch of Prodigy, we have begun the revolution.”

Dr. Radoslav Danilak

Tachyum’s Prodigy family includes eight products, ranging from the 128-core HPC/AI at the high end to a 32-core lowest-power version, to address a wide range of markets, including Cloud Computing, Supercomputing, Big AI and Edge.

Prodigy’s ability to enable human brain-scale AI while simultaneously reducing data center power consumption and lowering the TCO of hyperscale data centers and supercomputer systems, is a breakthrough for a projected $100 billion industry.

You can find even more details in the PDF version of this newsletter attached to this e-mail, or in the press release linked below.


Tachyum in the Media

What They Are Saying about Us...

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A processor that can do HPC, AI, and Machine Learning all on one chip! Tachyum has created one of the most powerful processors in the world.

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Intel, move over — this may be the most powerful CPU ever. The specifications of Tachyum’s Prodigy CPU are truly mind-boggling


Tachyum released a magical processor

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HPC, AI and ML Computing on a Single Chip with Tachyum’s Prodigy Universal Processor

Les Numeriques

Tachyum targets Intel with what could be the most powerful processor ever

We Are Being Recognized by Media

All Over the World

Tachyum Wins for Best Startup and Best Founder - in Central European Startup Awards

Tachyum Wins for Best Startup and Best Founder

in Central European Startup Awards

Tachyum was named Startup of the Year and its CEO, Dr. Radoslav Danilak, won for Founder of the Year for the Slovakia Region in the Central European Startup Awards (CESAwards). Tachyum was named the winner among Slovakian companies that inspire the next generation of founders while positively impacting the economy and the world in general.

Tachyum Prodigy, the world’s first universal processor, is already a success on the market, disrupting its industry with an innovative approach. Dr. Danilak was honored for being the country’s startup founder who has shown strong leadership skills and achieved exceptional business results while being an inspiration to their team and a role model for the next generation of founders.


Tachyum Signs Agreement with M Computers to Expand HPC, AI, Edge and Cloud Computing in Central and Eastern Europe

We have entered into an agreement with M Computers, an IT services provider based in the Czech Republic, to bring Tachyum’s Prodigy technology to commercial, industrial, and scientific research institutions in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Prodigy, the world’s first universal processor, will enable high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), edge computing, cloud and hyperscale data centers, and other IT segments and applications that demand cutting-edge performance.

M Computers is a leader in HPC, supercomputing and AI in the CEE region, and specializes in the design and delivery of computing clusters, high-capacity storage, servers, and data storage. M Computers’ specialists design optimal server configurations, interconnect networks, storage systems, management software, or HPC applications that maximize computing resources, and help design and implement data centers. M Computers also collaborates on important national projects for state organizations and companies.


Tachyum Joins ETP4HPC to Support the Economic and Societal Benefits of Technology in Europe

Tachyum has been accepted as an associated SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise according to the EU SME definition) member at the European Technology Platform for High Performance Computing (ETP4HPC), an industry-led think tank promoting European HPC research and innovation to support the region’s competitiveness.

ETP4HPC’s main mission is to promote European HPC research and innovation in order to maximize the economic and societal benefit of HPC for European science, industry and citizens. Its main task is to propose research priorities and program contents in the area of HPC technology and usage, by issuing a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). This SRA is used by the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking (JU) to define the contents of the HPC Technology Work Programmes.


Tachyum Signs Memorandum of Understanding with KInIT

Our company has entered into an agreement with Kempelen Institute of Intelligent Technologies (KInIT) in Slovakia to collaborate on scientific research and innovations in artificial intelligence (AI); initiate scientific and commercial cooperation on matters of common interest; develop cooperation in the field of commercialization of scientific knowledge and intellectual property; and seek collaboration in the field of AI research and its transfer into industrial technology.

KInIT is an independent non-profit research institute with a mission to connect industry with excellent science. KInIT is focused on intelligent technologies, artificial intelligence in particular. It brings together and nurtures experts in artificial intelligence and other areas of computer science, with connections to other disciplines. By partnering with private companies like Tachyum, KInIT aims to create a healthy research ecosystem that connects academia, private organizations, public sector and above all the international community.


Tachyum Begins Pre-Orders for Prodigy Evaluation Platform

Our company will be building a limited quantity of Tachyum Prodigy Evaluation Platforms later this year, featuring fully functional Prodigy processors with memory and application software for qualified customers and partners who pre-order between now and July 31, 2022.

Tachyum’s Prodigy Evaluation Platform provides a high-performance server in a standard 2U air cooled form factor that enables customers across a broad range of market segments to test and evaluate cutting-edge Prodigy Universal Processors. The flexible platform supports multiple processor configurations to address a wide array of cloud, HPC, and AI applications.

Delivery of complete custom-built platforms is expected to be 6-9 months after receipt of order. This will accommodate the extended acquisition times of components impacted by the current supply chain and COVID slowdowns. Qualified customers and partners ordering within the pre-order window will qualify for lead-customer discounts once Prodigy becomes commercially available. Those interested in being a part of the early adopter community by purchasing a Prodigy Evaluation Platform can contact the company by filling out this form.


Tachyum Integrates IP from World’s Leading Vendors for Tape-Out in 2022

We announced new IP suppliers who have provided the company with critical IP components needed to bring Prodigy™ to commercial markets in 2022. They include Alphawave IP and Rambus.

Alphawave is a global leader in high-speed connectivity for the world’s technology infrastructure. Its IP solutions meet the needs of global tier-one customers in data centers, compute, networking, AI, 5G, autonomous vehicles and storage. Tachyum will leverage its AlphaCORE Long-Reach (LR) Multi-Standard-Serdes (MSS) IP, a high-performance, low-power, DSP-based PHY with speeds up to 112Gbps. Alphawave also delivers complete Ethernet and PCIe IP subsystems.

Rambus is a premier chip and Silicon Intellectual Property (SIP) provider specializing in high-speed interconnects supporting multi-gigabit rates (2.5G, 5G, 8G, 16G, 25G, 32G, 64G), and protocols such as PCI Express® (PCIe® ), CXL™ and CCIX™. With industry-proven solutions that are both highly configurable and flexible, Tachyum expects its long-term partnership with Rambus to scale to PCIe 6.0 and beyond.


Tachyum Joins UCIe Community to Drive In-Package Integration

We have signed a letter of agreement to become a member of the Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) community to further develop and support the chiplet ecosystem and drive on-package innovations.

UCIe is an open specification that defines the interconnect between chiplets within a package, enabling an open chiplet ecosystem and ubiquitous interconnect at the package level. Members of UCIe represent a wide range of industry expertise and include leaders in semiconductors, packaging, IP suppliers, foundries, and cloud services.


New Opportunities for Partnerships for

Tachyum in Switzerland

Robert Cisar, Business Development Manager at Tachyum, was part of the business delegation accompanying the President of Slovakia Zuzana Čaputová during a state visit to Switzerland. As a result of our participation, follow-up meetings with the prestigious university ETH Zürich and CERN will be organized. CERN measures the performance of processors for physics simulations and Tachyum Prodigy could be involved in their testing and benchmarking.

Thanks to the Office of the President of the Slovak Republic, Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency, Embassy of Slovakia in Bern, and Permanent Mission of Slovakia to the United Nation in Geneva for the great organization.


HPC User Forum

HPC User Forum

June 21 - 22, 2022, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA

HPC User Forum
Rob Reiner, Tachyum’s Director of Product Marketing, spoke at the 79th HPC User Forum. The event, established in 1999 to promote the health of the global HPC industry and address issues of common concern to users, was run by Hyperion Research.

Spring ITAPA 2022 Conference

Spring ITAPA 2022 Conference

June 16 - 17, 2022, Bratislava, Slovakia

Spring ITAPA 2022 Conference

Tachyum was a part of Spring ITAPA, the leading conference on digitization and new technologies in Slovakia. Dr. Radoslav Danilak, discussed with other thought leaders about megatrends of the new world.

“Paradoxically, the new world of chaos may be a rare historical opportunity for Slovakia to deeply transform its growth paradigm to achieve greater prosperity, sustainability, productivity and change the region into a home of talent and innovation. Slovakia must choose one domain where it could set the tone. A domain where everyone is on the same starting line. This could be artificial intelligence (AI) and the fastest AI supercomputer in the world that can be built at a price that Slovakia can afford. If Slovakia does not leave its comfort zone and remains satisfied with the average results, it will be in the perception of the world as a country neighboring the war, which deserves credit for helping its neighbor, but has not brought anything new to the world,“ said Radoslav Danilak.

GLOBSECs Danube Tech Valley Initiative

June 3, 2022, Bratislava, Slovakia

GLOBSECs Danube Tech Valley Initiative

Radoslav Danilak took part in a discussion on the occasion of GLOBSEC’s Danube Tech Valley Initiative (DTVI) launch. The initiative is aiming at accelerating the innovation potential of the Danube region.

Joint statement of the Federal Chancellor of the Republic of Austria Karl Nehammer, the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Eduard Heger and GLOBSEC representatives was published.

ISC High Performance 2022

ISC High Performance 2022

May 29 - June 2, 2022, Hamburg, Germany

ISC High Performance 2022

Tachyum took part in ISC High Performance 2022 Exhibition and conference. Rob Reiner presented at the HPC Solutions Forum on theme “The Convergence of HPC and AI in a Software Composable Homogenous Data Center”.

Along with Slavo Matasovsky, Senior AI Architect at Tachyum, they showcased Prodigy’s advanced AI features with a virtual product demonstration that highlighted its ability to scale deep learning by utilizing low-precision data types and sparsity to optimize performance and memory utilization.

29th HPC Connection Workshop Digital

29th HPC Connection Workshop Digital

May 30, 2022, Digital

Radoslav Danilak presented at 29th HPC Connection Workshop Digital. It is an international High Performance Computing event organized by the Asia Supercomputer Community and Inspur Group.

LECTURE SERIES: Supercomputing in science - Reinforcement Learning

LECTURE SERIES: Supercomputing in science - Reinforcement Learning

May 10, 2022, Bratislava, Slovak Academy of Sciences

LECTURE SERIES: Supercomputing in science - Reinforcement Learning
Michal Chovanec, AI Researcher at Tachyum, led the lecture at Slovak Academy of Science (SAS) in the lectures series organized by SAS and the National Competence Center. He explained the definition of RL (Reinforcement Learning), the differences between supervised and reinforcement learning, and training on a reward and punishment mechanism. See the presentation here.
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