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Volume 1, Number 2, August 2021

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It’s my great honor to deliver news of the enormous achievements of Tachyum’s team as we prepare to deliver Prodigy Universal Processor to the world. We successfully closed our Series B funding round, in which we tripled our valuation. We are thrilled that IPM Group and Across Private Investments share our vision for transforming the future of computing.

To that end, we have already reached significant milestones such as direct and native Linux boot, in two months after receiving our FPGA I/O motherboard prototype. We were also pleased by the successful launch of Prodigy prototypes built using FPGA Emulation System Boards – making Tachyum the world’s first company to develop a semiconductor chip which is completely universal, capable of supporting customer requirements from standard datacenter workloads to supercomputing and artificial intelligence, on a single chip.

Finally, most of our stakeholders know our Slovak roots run deep, and we will close this newsletter with a perspective on how our plans to bring the fastest AI supercomputer to the Slovak Republic and the broader EU has the potential to usher in enormous progress as we democratize AI and introduce “AI for All.”.

Tachyum Triples Company Valuation

on Successful Closing of Series B Funding Round

Tachyum has closed its Series B funding round, led by private equity investor IPM Group in cooperation with Across Private Investments. With its first position standing, combined with capital raised, Tachyum increased our valuation by 3x in USD. The funds raised from the oversubscribed round will be used to finalize Prodigy’s production-ready status as we move from the successful demonstration of an FPGA prototype to tape out, manufacturing and distribution of the world’s first Universal Processor Chip.

Milestones Achieved

Linux booting Achieved

Tachyum Achieves Successful Linux Boot on Prodigy FPGA Prototype

Tachyum has successfully executed the Linux boot process on the field-programmable gate array (FPGA) prototype of its Prodigy Universal Processor, in 2 months after taking delivery of the IO motherboard from manufacturing. This achievement proves the stability of the Prodigy emulation system and allows the company to move forward with additional testing before advancing to tape out.

Transition to 5nm Process

Tachyum Improves Performance and Density of Prodigy in Successfully Transition to 5nm Process

Thanks to a process shrink from 7nm to 5nm, Tachyum successfully improved performance, density and power consumption of our Prodigy Universal Processor. Achieving 5nm enables Prodigy to scale at the speed of transistors, not the wire traces, and reach much higher frequency than our previously announced speeds of 4GHz on 7nm. It also enables Tachyum to instantiate 128 cores in a low-cost monolithic die.

Prodigy on a Plane!

FPGA Prototype Launch

The lengths – and distances – some of our team members will go is truly remarkable. Recently our Vice President Elena Zokhidova hand-delivered a very special package from the U.S. to Slovakia: the prototype of a complete Prodigy system integrating CPU, memory, PCI Express, networking, and other subsystems. With such precious cargo to transport, she even bought an extra plane ticket so the unit could have its own seat.

Together, these two FPGA-based boards provide the basis of a system that can be cascaded to fully emulate an entire 128-core Prodigy processor, which is capable of advancing the entire world to a greener era by enabling human brain-scale AI.

Radoslav Danilak presenting Prodigy FPGA prototype to Slovak prime minister Eduard Heger

Radoslav Danilak presenting Prodigy FPGA prototype to Slovak prime minister Eduard Heger

Tachyum FPGA Emulation System Boards

Tachyum FPGA CPU (left) and DDR-I/O (right) Emulation System Boards

Human Brain-Scale AI:

Coming Soon

Artificial Intelligence, or, put more simply, faster computation speed, is critical for progress in nearly all aspects of human life. This includes drug and vaccine development, agriculture, logistics and transportation systems, national defense, and much more.

It is also crucial for making our planet greener, at a time when the effects of climate change are ravaging our world. AI will spawn progress in weather and disaster forecasting, reducing industrial emissions, designing fuel-efficient engines, preserving natural habitats, and more.

These AI-based projects will benefit us all. Current supercomputers are somewhat less than super, and have limitations in speed, power consumption, space requirements, costs, access to technology and expertise. Put simply: AI is not for all.

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Watch the video about Prodigy

Upcoming Events

Hot Chips 33

August 22 - 24, 2021, Digital

Tachyum was a part of Hot Chips event, which provides an opportunity for chip designers, computer architects, system engineers, press and analysts, as well as attendees from national laboratories and academia to mix, mingle and see presentations on the latest technologies and products.

Past Events

Spring ITAPA Conference

June 10, 2021, Bratislava, Slovakia

Spring ITAPA Conference

GLOBSEC 2021 Bratislava Forum

June 15 - 17, 2021, Bratislava, Slovakia

GLOBSEC 2021 Bratislava Forum

ISC High Performance 2021

June 24 - July 2, 2021, Digital

Tachyum in the Media

What they are saying about us...

AI News

Most Powerful Supercomputer - SURPASSES The HUMAN BRAIN (64 EXAFLOPS)

The most powerful Exascale Supercomputer is going to release in 2021 and will feature a total of 64 ExaFLOPs. More than 6 times as much, as the Leonardo Supercomputer that’s also set to release this year. This is accomplished with the help of a new type of processor technology from Tachyum that’s called “Prodigy” and is described as the first Universal Processor.

Watch video


Tachyum Named One of 10 Hottest Semiconductor Startups by CRN magazine

These chip startups are working on everything from general-purpose processors that can outperform Intel’s and AMD’s latest to accelerators that can speed up AI and deep learning workloads. Tachyum is taking on Intel, AMD, Nvidia and other silicon compute vendors with what it calls the “world’s first universal processor,” which it says can replace the functions of CPUs, GPUs and other kinds of compute processors while providing higher performance and power efficiency.

HN Tech

Slovak-American company triples its valuation

A collaboration between IPM and Tachyum has resulted in advancements in the data center market with InoCloud. Its aim is to acquire and build data centers where Prodigy will be deployed. Prodigy has the potential to create unrivaled computational speed and vast energy saving capabilities for hyperscale, OEM, telecommunication, private cloud and government markets. Prodigy’s 10x lower processor core power consumption will dramatically cut carbon emissions associated with data center usage.


A unique opportunity for visibility: Slovak supercomputer can do unimaginably things

Traditional supercomputers from ten years ago spread over huge area, similar to production hall where you can’t see the end. However, the technology has advanced and the one being developed by Tachyum will enable significantly smaller supercomputer. It will only need an area of 12 x 12 meters, which is a huge difference from other supercomputers which occupy thousands of square meters.

Denník E

Danilak from Tachyum believes that his microchip will cause a revolution and artificial intelligence won’t be a luxury

“Now is the right time, the cards are dealt again,” Danilak says in an interview with Denník E. “When things are immutable, it is very difficult to assert oneself. It’s like when the iPhone came with Nokia phones. Nobody knew what it would bring.”

RTVS Správy

Slovakia can build the first supercomputer with a higher capacity than the human brain

It would also have lower energy consumption than a conventional machine. Radoslav Danilak is involved in the development of the revolutionary device and talked about it at the ITAPA conference in Bratislava. They would like to have a supercomputer for next year.


Slovakia faces the challenge of the century. We have billions of euro and government will say at ITAPA, where the money will go

For many years, we have been attracting foreign investors to cheap labor. Slovakia has become an assembly workshop for car and electrical manufacturers. Although the need to change the production economy into a knowledge-based economy has been discussed about for more than 10 years, we have not yet succeeded. Chip genius Radoslav Danilak can help to change it. This Slovak, thanks to whom the world can have faster computers, wants to build a microchip power from Slovakia.

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