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Volume 1, Number 1, April 2021

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Welcome to Tachyum’s first newsletter. We are launching this newsletter to allow readers to get news ‘straight from the horse’s mouth,’ as it were, by providing timely information for you. I am glad that you are joining Tachyum on our journey as an enthusiast, supporter, investor or just as an intellectually curious person. Tachyum would be unable to accomplish its mission to advance humanity without forward-looking people like you.

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“How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

Though most people probably wouldn’t contemplate actually eating an elephant, the prospect of completing such a huge task would certainly be daunting for anybody. That’s why the approach of finishing the job one step at a time is an important consideration when faced with any Herculean task.

Here at Tachyum, we’ve been readying our Prodigy Universal Processor for quite some time. Our goal of getting it to market later this year is one that we have clearly stated, and we have been working diligently, step by step, to ensure that we accomplish this. The latest steps we have made towards production include the availability of our FPGA emulation prototype for Prodigy and the release of our motherboard emulation for Prodigy. Here’s what these important milestones mean and why they’re important…

**Chi To**, Director of Solutions Engineering, Tachyum, with Prodigy Universal Processor FPGA Prototype

Chi To, Director of Solutions Engineering, Tachyum, with Prodigy Universal Processor FPGA Prototype

3D picture of DDR-IO board

3D picture of DDR-IO board

Other Milestones


Tachyum Nears Design Completion With 99 Percent of Layout Completed
Tachyum.us Moves to Company’s Software Emulation Platform
Tachyum Delivers First Software Emulation Systems

Beyond the Buzz:

The Forgotten Costs of Powering AI/ML Workloads

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are trending topics across media, having captured the imaginations of companies and consumers alike with the promise of how these technologies will revolutionize industries and lifestyles in the near and distant future. As many the once-only-imagined projects, like autonomous vehicles, become reality, the coverage has been celebratory and optimistic about how they will benefit society.

But what is often underreported is the cost that such advancements impact on the world to achieve such results. The proliferation of internet-connected devices and the growing demand for compute-intensive applications require a massive expansion of data center capacity, which will require a massive increase in electricity consumption. Because such costs are absorbed by the huge tech companies leading these initiatives, the public has largely been unconcerned but the environmental impact of AI/ML workloads will be paid by all.

Diagram of operations onthe internet every 60 seconds

60 Internet Seconds

I4DI Formed to Design World’s Fastest AI Supercomputer in Slovakia -

I4DI Formed to Design World’s Fastest AI Supercomputer in Slovakia

Tachyum together with fellow founding members PosAm, Towercom, IPM Group and InoCloud established I4DI (Innovations for Digital Infrastructure), a partnership of innovative EU and global technology leaders brought together to develop European-based supercomputing solutions to advance the region’s capabilities in solving the performance, power and efficiency issues challenging the industry today.


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