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  1. Tachyum Newsletter: Tachyum Included in the Ecosystem of Important Projects

    We have finished the first half of 2023 with the announcement of our participation in the IPCEI project of the European Union. Also in this issue, we have brought you a report on the Slovak business mission to Taiwan, where Tachyum took part.

    We have also announced several technical milestones, such as reaching full compliance IEEE of our custom FPU on Prodigy FPGA and running complex applications on the FPGA. We have also published two new white papers, dedicated to supercomputers and AI.

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  2. Tachyum Newsletter: Important Events 📅

    In the first quarter of 2023 several positive events and deals took place that are of particular importance to Tachyum.

    Tachyum was honored to host the President of the Slovak Republic Zuzana Čaputová to witness first-hand the progress of our Prodigy Universal Processor, which is in the final stage of development. We had a unique opportunity to discuss with the President topics such as innovation, green economy, sustainability, and attracting top regional talent. We greatly appreciated that the President supports technology innovations and our vision.

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  3. Tachyum Newsletter: New Year, New Accomplishments ✅

    We ended 2022 with accomplishments including important technical achievements, the introduction of Prodigy, the world’s first universal processor for high-performance computing to the commercial market and more than a dozen commercialization partnerships.

    The past year 2022 was very significant for us. We successfully integrated critical IP components from new suppliers and in the next step, our engineering team integrated new critical EDA (Electronic Design Automation) software.

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  4. Tachyum Newsletter: White Papers 📝 and Development Updates 🛠

    The last time Tachyum publicly shared in-depth technical details on Prodigy, it was during the initial design phase when the company unveiled how Prodigy was going to change the data center forever.

    Today Tachyum released its Prodigy Architectural Overview White Paper that unveils never-before-disclosed characteristics of the system-on-chip (SoC) framework, including device layout, and technical features of the world’s first universal processor.

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  5. Tachyum Newsletter: Prodigy Product Launch Resonates Throughout the World 🌍

    In the July 2022 issue of our newsletter, we have brought you a summary of the Prodigy® technical specifications published earlier this year. We have also presented the waves that our product launch created in the media all over the world.

    Other news included our recent wins of two startup awards, newly signed partnerships and our success in integrating IP from our new vendors.

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  6. ⚡ Flash News ⚡: We Are Launching! 🚀

    We are posting this newsletter outside of our regular quarterly schedule, but there is a good reason for it. We have finally reached our Product Launch today!

    After the company undertook its mission to conquer the processor performance plateau in nanometer-class chips and the systems they power, we have succeeded by launching our first commercial product.

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  7. Tachyum Newsletter: Long-Awaited Milestone Achieved

    In the second newsletter of 2022, we informed you about the big milestones achieved so far, the most important being the successful run of applications in Linux Interactive Mode on our FPGA prototype.

    We also hinted at milestones coming in the not-so-distant future.

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  8. Tachyum Newsletter: What’s next? Human brain-scale AI.

    2022’s first newsletter focused mainly on AI. We shared our predictions about the field, and we brought you a report on our participation at EXPO 2020 in Dubai, where we hosted an event also discussing AI.

    As it was the first issue of the year, we also included a summary of our most important achievements of 2021.

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  9. Tachyum Newsletter: The importance of having “the best”

    The fall 2021 issue of our newsletter featured our newly signed partnerships with Slovak universities, as well as our thoughts on supercomputing and possible its impact on a country’s economy.

    We also informed you about our new hiring efforts and the launch of our Customer and Partner Portal.

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  10. Tachyum Newsletter: Prodigy on a Plane & Series B Funding

    The main focus of the second newsletter was our FPGA prototype. After its arrival to Slovakia (which itself was more complicated than it might seen), we have managed to boot Linux on it.

    Another important update was our finalization of Series B funding round, tripling the company valuation.

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  11. Tachyum Newsletter: We are creating the future now!

    Welcome to Tachyum’s first newsletter. We are launching this newsletter to allow readers to get news ‘straight from the horse’s mouth,’ as it were, by providing timely information for you.

    I am glad that you are joining Tachyum on our journey as an enthusiast, supporter, investor or just as an intellectually curious person. Tachyum would be unable to accomplish its mission to advance humanity without forward-looking people like you.

    - Rado Danilak, Founder and CEO

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