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Tachyum resumes hiring in Slovakia and USA

SANTA CLARA, Calif., November 10, 2020 – Tachyum™ Inc. the Silicon Valley and Slovakian semiconductor company today announced the restart of hiring activities. After a short halt due to COVID-19, new job openings to the company’s expert team were announced today. The company is on a mission to disrupt the processor, HPC and AI markets with its flagship Prodigy product.

Tachyum is looking to fill various expert positions in Slovakia as well as in the United States. In Slovakia, Tachyum is looking for hardware and verification engineers, build/release engineer, Linux kernel engineer for kernel internals, FreeBSD kernel specialist, Linux kernel engineer for networking, QA engineer and SW engineer for GCC and LLVM toolchain, and Java JIT engineers. The company is also looking for a systems engineer with specialty in data center prototype building, marketing and business development in the EU.

In the US, Tachyum is looking to add hardware design engineers, verification engineers, physical design engineers, and product marketing positions.

“In the spring, we paused hiring due to the COVID-19 situation. The crisis has hit the world suddenly and caused a high level of uncertainty. Now, it is clear that the world has to continue, and we all have to face this challenge the best we can. This resilience also applies to Tachyum. Therefore, we are picking up speed to push forward with our engineering development to get our Prodigy universal processor into volume production next year,” says CEO of Tachyum Dr. Radoslav Danilak.

Tachyum is looking for highly talented contributors to add to the Tachyum team. Candidates can take a look at currently available career opportunities on Tachyum’s Slovakia and US website. Interested individuals can read the full job descriptions and also submit their resumes.

Tachyum´s flagship product Prodigy excels in technologies such as edge computing, IoT, HPC, convolutional AI, explainable AI, general AI, bio AI and spiking neural networks. For example, translating between English and Chinese requires a neural network with a capacity of more than 11 terabytes and is an arduous task on currently available “supercomputer” GPU processors of 20GB each. In contrast, Tachyum’s Prodigy fits 8TB per chip which is 32TB in coherent DRAM per node.

Prodigy outperforms today’s fastest Xeon processors while consuming 10x lower power on data center workloads, and outperforms NVIDIA’s fastest GPU on HPC, AI training and inferencing. A mere 125 HPC Prodigy racks can deliver 32 tensor EXAFLOPS. Prodigy’s 3x lower cost per MIPS and 10x lower core power requirements translate to a 4x lower data center Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), enabling savings of millions to billions of dollars.

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Tachyum is disrupting data centers, HPC and AI markets by providing universality, industry leading performance, cost and power, while enabling data centers that are more powerful than the human brain. Tachyum, co-founded by Dr. Radoslav Danilak, and its flagship product Prodigy, the world’s first and only universal processor, begins production in 2021. Prodigy brings unprecedented value targeting a $50B market that is growing at 20% per year. With data centers currently consuming over 3% of the planet’s electricity, and 10% by 2025, low power Prodigy is critical for the continued doubling of worldwide data center capacity every 4 years. Tachyum has offices in the USA and Slovakia, EU.