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    1. | HPC Wire

      Tachyum Hires Pini Herman as Senior Director of Solutions Engineering

      Herman has more than 20 years of hands-on technical and managerial experience, having successfully identified new product development opportunities and oversaw full-cycle projects that have driven millions of dollars in revenue.

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    1. | EnterpriseAI

      Tachyum Launches Customer and Partner Portal Giving Access to Prodigy Emulation System

      “As a partner that had access to the Prodigy emulation system, we look forward to expanding our ability and prepare our software ecosystem, as Prodigy continues towards production-ready status,” said Martin Kubala, strategy director of InoCloud.

    2. | HPC Wire

      Tachyum Launches Customer and Partner Portal Giving Access to Prodigy Emulation System

      “As we continue our march towards Prodigy’s deployment, we are at a point where we can provide wider public access to our infrastructure as it matures,” said Dr. Radoslav Danilak, founder and CEO of Tachyum.

    3. | EnterpriseAI

      Tachyum and Slovak University of Technology Sign Memorandum of Understanding for Collaboration

      The mutual goal of this partnership is to create a new generation of home-grown engineers and computer scientists that can continue the momentum of advancing Slovakian industry and position the country as a technology hotspot within the EU.

    4. | The Register

      Tachyum's Prodigy emulator achieves first boot, runs Linux and says 'hello, world'

      “This is one of the most critical points in proving a mature design and verification of a high-end processor. The design includes CPU cores, caches, memories, TLBs, and a console, and the simulation uses exceptions, interrupts, page-walking, and both user- and kernel-mode execution. It’s not just a hardware and software design success, but also a key verification milestone.”

    5. | Tom's Hardware

      Tachyum Boots Linux on Emulated FPGA-Based Prodigy Processor

      First software runs seem promising.

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    1. | EnterpriseAI

      Tachyum Triples Company Valuation on Closing of Series B Funding Round

      Tens of millions of dollars are raised in series B.

    2. | HPC Wire

      Tachyum Triples Company Valuation on Closing of Series B Funding Round

      Tachyum’s technology leadership and recruitment of top talent both globally and in Slovakia have enabled it to be among the most capital-efficient companies.

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    1. | HPC Wire

      Tachyum Touts Value Proposition of Prodigy Universal Processor at ISC 2021

      Tachyum today announced its return to the ISC High Performance Conference with an in-depth look at progress made in the development of its Prodigy Universal Processor as part of the company’s digital exhibition at the event June 24-July 2.

    2. | EnterpriseAI

      Tachyum Touts Value Proposition of Prodigy Universal Processor at ISC 2021

      At ISC 2021 Digital, Tachyum will host presentations highlighting key achievements reached over the past year – including improvements gained from successfully transitioning to a 5nm feature size and the delivery of a fully functional FPGA emulation server system – as well as Prodigy’s unique value proposition within the HPC and AI industries, such as performance, TCO and software composability.

    3. | HPC Wire

      Tachyum CEO Unveils Prodigy FPGA Prototype at GLOBSEC Forum 2021

      Dr Radoslav Danilak, co-founder and CEO of Tachyum Inc., unveiled the FPGA prototype of the company’s Prodigy Universal Processor at the GLOBSEC Forum 2021 in Slovakia, becoming the world’s first company with the capability to completely meet the full range of customer requirements from supercomputing to artificial intelligence with a single chip.

    4. | IntelliNews

      First-ever universal processor prototype launched by Slovak company Tachyum

      “The successful development of our Prodigy Chip now provides us with a once-in-a-decade opportunity to build the world’s fastest supercomputer here in Slovakia, providing the EU with digital and technological sovereignty of semiconductors, the most sustainable, efficient data centres and Europe’s data infrastructure,” Danilak said.

    5. | CRN

      Tachyum Among The 10 Hottest Semiconductor Startups Of 2021

      These startups are taking on semiconductor heavyweights like Intel and Nvidia with new kinds of silicon solutions for compute, storage and networking, many of which are headed for the data center.

    6. | Mondo Visione

      First-Ever Universal Processor “Prodigy” FPGA Prototype, With Vast Power And Cost Saving Ability, Unveiled To The World

      The first-ever universal Processor FPGA Prototype, with the potential to create unrivalled computational speed and huge energy saving capabilities, was today launched to the world by one of the world’s leading semi-conductor companies, Tachyum.

    7. | TechRadar

      Tachyum says it's one step closer to Prodigy release

      Built using field-programmable gate array (FPGA) emulation boards, Tachyum has been hailing Prodigy’s significantly improved performance and lower lower energy consumption for the past few years.

    8. | The Register

      'Universal Processor' startup Tachyum unveils full-system Prodigy emulator ahead of sampling later this year

      Tachyum, which has been promising a “universal processor” dubbed Prodigy for the past three years, said it was one step closer to delivering on that pledge with the development of a motherboard for its FPGA emulator that allows customers to test a complete Prodigy system.

    9. | EE Journal

      Are We Ready for Human Brain-Scale AI?

      Targeted at hyperscale data centers, the Prodigy Universal Processor architecture is predicted to out-perform central processing units (CPUs), graphics processing units (GPUs), and tensor processing units (TPUs) for data center, artificial intelligence (AI), and high-performance computing (HPC) applications. For example, Prodigy will outperform NVIDIA’s fastest GPU in HPC, as well as AI training and inference tasks (125 HPC Prodigy racks can deliver 32 tensor EXAFLOPS).

    10. | Synopsis Blog

      Customer Spotlight: Tachyum’s Universal Processor for Hyperscale Data Centers

      Social media posts and video streaming. E-commerce transactions and e-mail communications. Online gaming and business applications. These are just a few examples of everyday activities that rely on data centers. As data center usage continues to skyrocket to support increased internet traffic, their impact on the planet’s energy usage will need to be mitigated before it all hits a wall. What’s more, there’s opportunity to make better use of existing data center resources, diverting otherwise idle processing capacity toward various practical pursuits.

      Tachyum, with offices in the U.S. and Slovakia, has a solution for this performance plateau: Prodigy, the world’s first universal processor for servers, artificial intelligence (AI), and high-performance computing (HPC).

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    1. | Business Talk Magazine

      Meet Dr. Radoslav Danilak- The Man Behind Tachyum

      Prodigy’s intense computing muscle can help AI use cases in particular. Convolutional neural networks, deep learning AI, symbolic AI, general AI, and bio AI are the disciplines that have emerged in recent years, each with its own set of algorithms and computing criteria. Human brain modeling, meanwhile, is in high demand by R&D ventures due to its promise of extracting information from large data sets. The Tachyum Universal Processor Platform is suitable for projects like the real-time Human Brain Project, which needs more than 1019 Flops (10,000,000,000,000,000,000 floating-point operations per second – 10 exaflops), as well as supplying computing resources for science and engineering solutions that today’s systems cannot offer.

    2. | MarTech Series

      Tachyum Ramps Up Worldwide Marketing Efforts With Hiring of Two New Executives

      Tachyum Inc. announced the hiring of Rob Reiner as Product Marketing Director and Miriam Madrova as Marketing Communications Manager. The two newly-created positions will help in the positioning and messaging of the company’s Prodigy Universal Processor ahead of its delivery to worldwide markets later this year.

    3. | HPC Wire

      Tachyum CEO Discusses Benefits of Homogenous Architectures at HPC User Forum

      “Different approaches to HPC workloads provide different pros and cons,” said Danilak. “Rather than make users choose which approach best satisfies their use case and accept the deficiencies that particular method may impose, we are suggesting they implement a solution backed by the Prodigy Universal Processor to enable computing systems that inherently unify CPU, GPGPU HPC, TPU/GPGPU AI inference and training workloads with Explainable, Bio, General, Spiking and Deep Learning AI.”

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    1. | EnterpriseAI

      Tachyum Joins GAIA-X to Help Develop Next-Generation European Data Infrastructures

      Tachyum has announced its membership in GAIA-X, an EU-based initiative designed to create a unified ecosystem of cloud and data services. The company plans to provide underlying hardware to GAIA-X, based on the Tachyum Prodigy Universal Processor, which will make European data centers some of the most cost- and power-efficient in the world.

    2. | AI News

      Most Powerful Supercomputer - SURPASSES The HUMAN BRAIN (64 EXAFLOPS)

      The most powerful Exascale Supercomputer is going to release in 2021 and will feature a total of 64 Exaflops. More than 6 times as much, as the Leonardo Supercomputer that’s also set to release this year.

    3. | Smart2zero

      'Universal' processor integrates CPU, GPU, and TPU capabilities

      AI supercomputer company Tachyum has unveiled what it says is the world’s first universal processor - a single processor that delivers industry leading performance for data center, AI, and HPC workloads.

    4. | HPC Wire

      Tachyum Unveils Prodigy Universal Processor at DIA CIO Virtual Summit

      Tachyum Government seeks customers to use Prodigy’s fully functional FPGA emulation for product evaluation, performance measurements, as well as software development, debug and compatibility testing. A fully functional chip emulation (in FPGA-based hardware) is typically the last step, before chip tape-out when the final design is submitted for fabrication in silicon.

    5. | Electronic Media

      Tachyum releases Motherboard Emulation for its Prodigy Processor FPGA Prototype to Manufacturing

      Tachyum Inc. sent the motherboard emulation prototype of its Prodigy Universal Processor FPGA prototype to manufacturing, which, when returned, will be plugged into its recently completed field-programmable gate array (FPGA) emulation Prodigy Processor boards to create a fully functional system, bringing Prodigy one step closer to delivery later this year.

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    1. | HPC Wire

      Tachyum Releases Motherboard Emulation for its Prodigy Processor FPGA Prototype to Manufacturing

      The Prodigy FPGA motherboard contains IP that Tachyum purchased from third parties, such as PCIE 5.0 and other peripherals. Among the included technologies are 112Gb coherent chip-to-chip communication, BMC, TPM, Ethernet, UART, USB and all other chips necessary to make a complete and fully functional server system. Tachyum will provide all necessary drivers for its peripherals and I/O.

    2. | EnterpriseAI

      Tachyum Releases Motherboard Emulation for its Prodigy Processor FPGA Prototype to Manufacturing

      With this most-recent milestone, Tachyum’s systems team is switching its focus on porting virtualization. Progress to-date includes successful porting of Linux 5.10, including Tachyum Interrupt Controller (TIC), inter-processor interrupts (IPI), and running with Symmetric Multiprocessing System (SMP) enabled. The Linux bootloader is being ported, and closes the chain from UEFI.

    3. | The Slovak Spectator

      US-Slovak tech company tests its ultra-low energy consumption processor

      The processor should help data centres improve their performance and energy consumption.

    4. | TechRadar Pro

      This US Startup is about to release a universal CPU that could threaten Intel, AMD, and Nvidia

      Tachyum universal processor is tipped to revolutionize large-scale computing…

    5. | Technology Reseller

      Tachyum unveils Prodigy Universal Processor FPGA Emulation Prototype Prodigy Universal Processor Chip will reduce data centre costs for hyperscalers up to 4-times

      “With each step completed and each milestone achieved, we get closer and closer to delivering a system that many thought would be years away from reality, if not completely impossible.”

    6. | Electronic Specifier

      Tachyum unveils Prodigy Universal Processor Prototype

      …The hardware emulator consists of multiple FPGA and IO boards connected by cables in a rack. The processor cores FPGA board size is 14.5 inches by 16 inches (368.3mm x 406.4mm). The 24-layer board is 0.110 inches thick (2.8mm) and has 5,948 components on the printed circuit board (PCB) on both sides…

    7. | EDACafe

      Rado Danilak, CEO Tachyum, in the interview for EDACafe

      Dr. Rado Danilak is talking about Tachyum and its world first universal processor Prodigy, which was designed to replace the majority of existing chips provisioned in hyperscale (cloud) data centers, offering significant improvements in performance, energy consumption, server utilization and space requirements. Dr. Danilak explained the dark side of digitalization and why we need powerful and efficient systems if we want the digitalization evolution to continue. He answered questions about Prodigy development progress and also personal questions what he likes to do in his spare time.

      Rado Danilak, CEO Tachyum, in the interview for EDACafe
    8. | HPC Wire

      Tachyum Nears Design Completion with 99 Percent of Layout Completed

      …Tachyum’s ability to achieve Prodigy’s 99 percent completion with a stable netlist layout and Clock Tree Synthesis (CTS) implemented is a last netlist milestone before final netlist and its tape-out…

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    1. | TechRadar Pro

      This Intel and Nvidia rival can run everything from hyperscale data centers to your web hosting

      …Chip giant Tachyum has launched a live production website powered by its home-brewed Prodigy processor, which can already run Artificial Intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC) workloads…

    2. | HPC Wire

      Tachyum Emulation Platform Begins Live Web Hosting

      …Prodigy software emulation system is now available to partners for evaluation, development and debugging of larger software stacks. This additional testing will show customers that Prodigy is well-positioned for deployment in production-quality web servers at product launch later this year…

    3. | EnterpriseAI

      Tachyum Emulation Platform Begins Live Web Hosting

      …, a website featuring information about Tachyum and its founder and CEO Dr. Radoslav Danilak, has switched to the Tachyum emulation platform. This is the first public demonstration indicating that Prodigy’s software stack is nearing production quality and a testament to the quality of Tachyum’s software and hardware that the company intends to utilize it for its in-house needs…

    4. | Capacity Media

      InoCloud joins the Innovations for Digital Infrastructure partnership

      …InoCloud joins a growing roster of I4DI members, including founding companies PosAm, Towercom, IPM Group and Tachyum, and partners Seagate, VNET and World Wide Technology Inc. (WWT).I4DI constitutes a partnership with Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAV), Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization (MIRRI), within the National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC)…

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    1. | HPC Wire

      VNET Joins Europe-based HPC Tech Partnership I4DI

      …VNET joins a growing roster of I4DI members, including founding companies PosAm, Towercom and Tachyum, and a newer partner Seagate. I4DI, together with MIRRI (Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization) and SAV (Slovak Academy of Sciences), have established National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC) to cover activities related to high performance computing (HPC) and develop a new supercomputer in Slovakia, which would set a new level of performance worldwide…

    2. | EE Times

      I4DI Plans Slovak Supercomputer, Adds Seagate

      …Together as I4DI, the group is planning to build the world’s fastest AI supercomputer in Slovakia, which will be built on Tachyum’s Prodigy chip. I4DI already has partnerships with SAV (the Slovak Academy of Sciences) and MIRRI SR (the Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic) within the recently inaugurated Slovak National Supercomputing Center (NSCC). The NSCC is an association of state institutions and the private sector whose aim is to build a supercomputer in Slovakia…

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