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    1. | HPC Wire

      Tachyum Prodigy Software Emulation Systems Now Available for Pre-Order

      “…Customers and partners can use Prodigy’s software emulation for evaluation, development and debug, and with it, they can begin to transition existing applications that demand high performance and low power to run optimally on Prodigy processors…”

    2. | HPC Wire

      Tachyum Joins I4DI to Design World’s Fastest AI Supercomputer in Slovakia

      “…This Slovakian universal computing center will showcase the world’s first universal processor Prodigy, capable of switching seamlessly among hyperscale, AI and HPC workloads…”

    3. | HPC Wire

      Tachyum Demonstrates Prodigy UEFI, Available to Partners for Product Launch in 2021

      “…Build partners will have the opportunity to access a full platform of software, operating system and chip emulation hardware when delivered…”

    4. | EnterpriseAI

      Tachyum Demonstrates Prodigy UEFI, Available to Partners for Product Launch in 2021

      “…By achieving the demonstration of our UEFI and making it available to developers, we are keeping our commitment of fundamentally changing the datacenter and advancing the abilities of organizations requiring leading performance for their CPU, AI/ML and HPC workloads…”

    5. |

      Minister Remisova: Supercomputers will help Slovak companies and public sector

      …“The goal of NSCC is not just to build one supercomputer, but to create an ecosystem of companies and researchers, and make available the already existing HPC capabilities to them, " said Radoslav Repa, vice-chairman of the NSCC board and Director General of the Section of Digital Agenda at MIRRI SR. Adrián Vycital from I4DI predicts that NSCC can use one of the fastest microchips in the world currently being developed by Tachyum…

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    1. |

      The fastest supercomputer with artificial intelligence in the world is beingbuilt in Slovakia

      “…It is expected that peak performance, efficiency and cost savings will attract international attention and accelerate the migration from prodigy processor-based solutions to public and private cloud infrastructures…”

    2. | Highways Today

      Tachyum joins I4DI to develop the world’s fastest AI Supercomputer in Slovakia

      “…I4DI-designed datacenters, like NSC, will serve as a blueprint for future government or commercial cloud initiatives such as InoCloud…”

    3. | EMS Now

      Tachyum Joins I4DI to Design World’s Fastest AI Supercomputer in Slovakia

      “…I4DI will provide freedom and openness, like Open Compute, to the European HPC market…”

    4. | eeNews Europe

      Slovakia aims to build world’s fastest AI supercomputer

      “…I4DI (Innovations for Digital Infrastructure) brings together IT company PosAm and TV and networking provider Towercom with US AI chip startup Tachyum to build a National Supercomputing Centre (NSC) in Slovakia…”

    5. |

      Tachyum Joins I4DI To Design World’s Fastest AI Supercomputer In Slovakia

      “…By launching a partnership among leading European and global technology companies, we are able to transform the region’s capabilities from consumers to producers of supercomputing capabilities that will transform the AI landscape…”

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    1. | Electronic Specifier

      Tachyum Prodigy moves closer to volume production

      “…By nearing 100 percent completion of the silicon design of our product, we are ensuring that organisations will finally have the performance, power efficiency and cost advantages they need to solve the most challenging issues facing them years earlier than previously expected…”

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    1. | ZDNet

      Close to the metal: serial entrepreneur Rado Danilak describes ‘the most crazy project of my life’

      “…The Prodigy processor, as it’s called, is that most mythical of Silicon Valley creations, an everything computer that can do all, with amazing cost benefits and energy savings…”

    2. | TechTime

      A mysterious start-up company is challenging Intel

      “…They are interested in the Prodigy processor because it will make it possible to build an artificial intelligence system at the scale of the human brain, 15 years before any other technology…”

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    1. | eeNews Embedded

      x86, ARM, and RISC-V software running on Tachyum Prodigy

      “…This demonstration of Prodigy’s ability to run software correctly – even legacy code from x86, ARM or RISC-V processors – shows that we will enable customers to seamlessly use the applications they are using today from day one of Prodigy’s launch…”

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    1. | The Washington Times

      Revolutionary microchip hailed as 'generational' breakthrough that will upend defense tech

      “…Prodigy’s unique attributes set the conditions to create a computing architecture fully aligned with the operational and strategic imperatives of our national strategy…”

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