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    1. September

      1. | Yahoo! Finance

        Tachyum and Slovak University of Technology Sign Memorandum of Understanding for Collaboration

        Under the agreements, students and professors at the Faculty of Informatics and Information Technology (FIIT) and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (FEI) will have access to Tachyum’s Prodigy emulation system for selected projects and the ability to work with the latest world-class HPC technology as part of open-source public projects and scientific research activities in the field of AI.

      2. | EnterpriseAI

        Tachyum and Slovak University of Technology Sign Memorandum of Understanding for Collaboration

        The mutual goal of this partnership is to create a new generation of home-grown engineers and computer scientists that can continue the momentum of advancing Slovakian industry and position the country as a technology hotspot within the EU.

      3. |

        Tachyum boots Linux on an emulated FPGA-based Prodigy processor

        Called this processor genius, Tachyum wants to create a universal solution for hyperscale, HPC, and AI purposes. The current situation requires accelerators dedicated to these types of workloads, and the solution is to use the CPU in combination with a dedicated accelerator. That’s what Tachym is trying to change on the Prodigy processor.

      4. | Tom's Hardware

        Tachyum Boots Linux on Emulated FPGA-Based Prodigy Processor

        First software runs seem promising.

      5. | The Register

        Tachyum's Prodigy emulator achieves first boot, runs Linux and says 'hello, world'

        “This is one of the most critical points in proving a mature design and verification of a high-end processor. The design includes CPU cores, caches, memories, TLBs, and a console, and the simulation uses exceptions, interrupts, page-walking, and both user- and kernel-mode execution. It’s not just a hardware and software design success, but also a key verification milestone.”

    2. August

      1. | Newsbreak

        Tachyum Boots Linux on Prodigy FPGA

        This achievement proves the stability of the Prodigy emulation system and allows the company to move forward with additional testing before advancing to tape out.

      2. | Yahoo! Finance

        Tachyum Boots Linux on Prodigy FPGA

        Tachyum engineers were able to perform the Linux boot, execute a short user-mode program and shutdown the system on the fully functional FPGA emulation system. Not only does this successful test prove that the basic processor is stable, but interrupts, exceptions, timing, and system-mode transitions are, as well.

      3. | Yahoo! Finance

        Tachyum Ramps Up Hiring (Again) to Support Company Growth

        Despite having successfully attracted talented Slovak engineers from abroad and motivating them to return to Slovakia, Tachyum continues to need highly qualified professionals to serve as CPU hardware design and verification engineers; software engineers for various system software porting, performance optimizations, software testing and test automation; and engineers for advanced AI topics.

      4. | Yahoo! Finance

        Tachyum Takes Its Newsletter Subscribers to the Next Level with Prodigy Updates in Issue 2 of its Newsletter

        The quarterly newsletter keeps Tachyum customers, early adopters, partners, analysts and enthusiasts informed about key company information as the company approaches volume production of Prodigy.

    3. July

      1. | Yahoo! Finance

        Tachyum Triples Company Valuation On Closing of Series B Funding Round

        Tachyum™ today announced that it has closed its Series B funding round, led by private equity investor IPM Group in cooperation with the Slovak wealth manager, Across Private Investments.

      2. | HPC Wire

        Tachyum Triples Company Valuation on Closing of Series B Funding Round

        Tachyum’s technology leadership and recruitment of top talent both globally and in Slovakia have enabled it to be among the most capital-efficient companies.

      3. | Newsbreak

        Tachyum Triples Company Valuation on Closing of Series B Funding Round

        The latest monies raised from round will be used to finalize Prodigy as it moves from the successful demonstration of an FPGA prototype to tape-out and then to manufacturing of the world’s first Universal Processor Chip.

      4. | EnterpriseAI

        Tachyum Triples Company Valuation on Closing of Series B Funding Round

        Tens of millions of dollars are raised in series B.

    4. June

      1. | EnterpriseAI

        Tachyum Touts Value Proposition of Prodigy Universal Processor at ISC 2021

        At ISC 2021 Digital, Tachyum will host presentations highlighting key achievements reached over the past year – including improvements gained from successfully transitioning to a 5nm feature size and the delivery of a fully functional FPGA emulation server system – as well as Prodigy’s unique value proposition within the HPC and AI industries, such as performance, TCO and software composability.

      2. | HPC Wire

        Tachyum Touts Value Proposition of Prodigy Universal Processor at ISC 2021

        Tachyum today announced its return to the ISC High Performance Conference with an in-depth look at progress made in the development of its Prodigy Universal Processor as part of the company’s digital exhibition at the event June 24-July 2.

      3. | MV Pro Media

        First-Ever Universal Processor FPGA Prototype Revealed

        Tachyum™ hails its first-ever universal processor chip as a way of enabling a “new class” of energy, supercomputers and generation of low carbon emissions data centres.

      4. | IntelliNews

        First-ever universal processor prototype launched by Slovak company Tachyum

        “The successful development of our Prodigy Chip now provides us with a once-in-a-decade opportunity to build the world’s fastest supercomputer here in Slovakia, providing the EU with digital and technological sovereignty of semiconductors, the most sustainable, efficient data centres and Europe’s data infrastructure,” Danilak said.

      5. | HPC Wire

        Tachyum CEO Unveils Prodigy FPGA Prototype at GLOBSEC Forum 2021

        Dr Radoslav Danilak, co-founder and CEO of Tachyum Inc., unveiled the FPGA prototype of the company’s Prodigy Universal Processor at the GLOBSEC Forum 2021 in Slovakia, becoming the world’s first company with the capability to completely meet the full range of customer requirements from supercomputing to artificial intelligence with a single chip.

      6. | Yahoo! Finance

        Tachyum CEO Unveils Prodigy FPGA prototype at GLOBSEC Forum 2021

        FPGA is a special chip that allows emulation of the central processing unit (CPU) before manufacturing, which enables substantial increase in hardware development speed with real performance measurements. It proves that Prodigy CPU and Tachyum architecture is no longer a concept – it is a tangible revolution in the semiconductor industry.

      7. | Mondo Visione

        First-Ever Universal Processor “Prodigy” FPGA Prototype, With Vast Power And Cost Saving Ability, Unveiled To The World

        The first-ever universal Processor FPGA Prototype, with the potential to create unrivalled computational speed and huge energy saving capabilities, was today launched to the world by one of the world’s leading semi-conductor companies, Tachyum.

      8. | CRN

        Tachyum Among The 10 Hottest Semiconductor Startups Of 2021

        These startups are taking on semiconductor heavyweights like Intel and Nvidia with new kinds of silicon solutions for compute, storage and networking, many of which are headed for the data center.

      9. | TechRadar

        Tachyum says it's one step closer to Prodigy release

        Built using field-programmable gate array (FPGA) emulation boards, Tachyum has been hailing Prodigy’s significantly improved performance and lower lower energy consumption for the past few years.

      10. | The Register

        'Universal Processor' startup Tachyum unveils full-system Prodigy emulator ahead of sampling later this year

        Tachyum, which has been promising a “universal processor” dubbed Prodigy for the past three years, said it was one step closer to delivering on that pledge with the development of a motherboard for its FPGA emulator that allows customers to test a complete Prodigy system.

      11. | EE Journal

        Are We Ready for Human Brain-Scale AI?

        Targeted at hyperscale data centers, the Prodigy Universal Processor architecture is predicted to out-perform central processing units (CPUs), graphics processing units (GPUs), and tensor processing units (TPUs) for data center, artificial intelligence (AI), and high-performance computing (HPC) applications. For example, Prodigy will outperform NVIDIA’s fastest GPU in HPC, as well as AI training and inference tasks (125 HPC Prodigy racks can deliver 32 tensor EXAFLOPS).

      12. | Synopsis Blog

        Customer Spotlight: Tachyum’s Universal Processor for Hyperscale Data Centers

        Social media posts and video streaming. E-commerce transactions and e-mail communications. Online gaming and business applications. These are just a few examples of everyday activities that rely on data centers. As data center usage continues to skyrocket to support increased internet traffic, their impact on the planet’s energy usage will need to be mitigated before it all hits a wall. What’s more, there’s opportunity to make better use of existing data center resources, diverting otherwise idle processing capacity toward various practical pursuits.

        Tachyum, with offices in the U.S. and Slovakia, has a solution for this performance plateau: Prodigy, the world’s first universal processor for servers, artificial intelligence (AI), and high-performance computing (HPC).

    5. May

      1. | Business Talk Magazine

        Meet Dr. Radoslav Danilak- The Man Behind Tachyum

        Prodigy’s intense computing muscle can help AI use cases in particular. Convolutional neural networks, deep learning AI, symbolic AI, general AI, and bio AI are the disciplines that have emerged in recent years, each with its own set of algorithms and computing criteria. Human brain modeling, meanwhile, is in high demand by R&D ventures due to its promise of extracting information from large data sets. The Tachyum Universal Processor Platform is suitable for projects like the real-time Human Brain Project, which needs more than 1019 Flops (10,000,000,000,000,000,000 floating-point operations per second – 10 exaflops), as well as supplying computing resources for science and engineering solutions that today’s systems cannot offer.

      2. |

        State Secretary Brockova: “The potential for enhancing economic cooperation with China is high. I am glad that Slovak companies are introducing themselves at the Expo Xian.”

        The 5th year of the Expo Xian is taking place from 11 to 15 May 2021 in the capital of the Shaanxi province. Top level officials of the province and dozens of Chinese companies and institutions representing the automotive industry, the energy industry, transport and logistics, international trade, the sector of health care and health technology, and the food industry will take part in the conference. From Slovakia, the companies ZSSK CARGO, Metrans, Budamar, DB Biotech, Tachyum, Chirana IPM, the A.EN. Group, Ecocapsule, VRM, Chemosvit, Rona, Lyra, Rajo, and others, will introduce themselves.

      3. | MarTech Series

        Tachyum Ramps Up Worldwide Marketing Efforts With Hiring of Two New Executives

        Tachyum Inc. announced the hiring of Rob Reiner as Product Marketing Director and Miriam Madrova as Marketing Communications Manager. The two newly-created positions will help in the positioning and messaging of the company’s Prodigy Universal Processor ahead of its delivery to worldwide markets later this year.

      4. | Yahoo! Finance

        Tachyum Ramps Up Worldwide Marketing Efforts With Hiring of Two New Executives

        Tachyum™ Inc. today announced the hiring of Rob Reiner as Product Marketing Director and Miriam Madrova as Marketing Communications Manager. Reiner, who is positioned in Tachyum’s U.S. offices, is an innovative leader with experience defining, developing, and marketing advanced semiconductor and system technologies and solutions for the server and embedded markets. Madrova has 20 years of managerial experience in the fields of marketing communication, corporate affairs, public relations, CSR and public sector.

      5. | HPC Wire

        Tachyum CEO Discusses Benefits of Homogenous Architectures at HPC User Forum

        “Different approaches to HPC workloads provide different pros and cons,” said Danilak. “Rather than make users choose which approach best satisfies their use case and accept the deficiencies that particular method may impose, we are suggesting they implement a solution backed by the Prodigy Universal Processor to enable computing systems that inherently unify CPU, GPGPU HPC, TPU/GPGPU AI inference and training workloads with Explainable, Bio, General, Spiking and Deep Learning AI.”

    6. April

      1. | EnterpriseAI

        Tachyum Joins GAIA-X to Help Develop Next-Generation European Data Infrastructures

        Tachyum has announced its membership in GAIA-X, an EU-based initiative designed to create a unified ecosystem of cloud and data services. The company plans to provide underlying hardware to GAIA-X, based on the Tachyum Prodigy Universal Processor, which will make European data centers some of the most cost- and power-efficient in the world.

      2. | Yahoo! Finance

        Tachyum Joins GAIA-X to Help Develop Next-Generation European Data Infrastructures

        The company plans to provide underlying hardware to GAIA-X, based on the Tachyum Prodigy Universal Processor, which will make European data centers the most cost- and power-efficient in the world.

      3. | AI News

        Most Powerful Supercomputer - SURPASSES The HUMAN BRAIN (64 EXAFLOPS)

        The most powerful Exascale Supercomputer is going to release in 2021 and will feature a total of 64 Exaflops. More than 6 times as much, as the Leonardo Supercomputer that’s also set to release this year.

      4. | Smart2zero

        'Universal' processor integrates CPU, GPU, and TPU capabilities

        AI supercomputer company Tachyum has unveiled what it says is the world’s first universal processor - a single processor that delivers industry leading performance for data center, AI, and HPC workloads.

      5. | HPC Wire

        Tachyum Unveils Prodigy Universal Processor at DIA CIO Virtual Summit

        Tachyum Government seeks customers to use Prodigy’s fully functional FPGA emulation for product evaluation, performance measurements, as well as software development, debug and compatibility testing. A fully functional chip emulation (in FPGA-based hardware) is typically the last step, before chip tape-out when the final design is submitted for fabrication in silicon.

      6. | Yahoo! Finance

        SYLEX Brings Expertise in Fiber Optic Interconnect Solutions to I4DI Consortium

        SYLEX, a world-class ODM of high-quality optical interconnect solutions and fiber optics sensing/monitoring solutions, has joined the Innovations for Digital Infrastructure (I4DI), a partnership of innovative global technology leaders that are developing European-based supercomputing solutions to advance the region’s capabilities in solving the performance, power and efficiency issues challenging the industry today.

      7. | Electronic Media

        Tachyum releases Motherboard Emulation for its Prodigy Processor FPGA Prototype to Manufacturing

        Tachyum Inc. sent the motherboard emulation prototype of its Prodigy Universal Processor FPGA prototype to manufacturing, which, when returned, will be plugged into its recently completed field-programmable gate array (FPGA) emulation Prodigy Processor boards to create a fully functional system, bringing Prodigy one step closer to delivery later this year.

    7. March

      1. | EnterpriseAI

        Tachyum Releases Motherboard Emulation for its Prodigy Processor FPGA Prototype to Manufacturing

        With this most-recent milestone, Tachyum’s systems team is switching its focus on porting virtualization. Progress to-date includes successful porting of Linux 5.10, including Tachyum Interrupt Controller (TIC), inter-processor interrupts (IPI), and running with Symmetric Multiprocessing System (SMP) enabled. The Linux bootloader is being ported, and closes the chain from UEFI.

      2. | HPC Wire

        Tachyum Releases Motherboard Emulation for its Prodigy Processor FPGA Prototype to Manufacturing

        The Prodigy FPGA motherboard contains IP that Tachyum purchased from third parties, such as PCIE 5.0 and other peripherals. Among the included technologies are 112Gb coherent chip-to-chip communication, BMC, TPM, Ethernet, UART, USB and all other chips necessary to make a complete and fully functional server system. Tachyum will provide all necessary drivers for its peripherals and I/O.

      3. | The Slovak Spectator

        US-Slovak tech company tests its ultra-low energy consumption processor

        The processor should help data centres improve their performance and energy consumption.

      4. | Technology Reseller

        Tachyum unveils Prodigy Universal Processor FPGA Emulation Prototype Prodigy Universal Processor Chip will reduce data centre costs for hyperscalers up to 4-times

        “With each step completed and each milestone achieved, we get closer and closer to delivering a system that many thought would be years away from reality, if not completely impossible.”

      5. | TechRadar Pro

        This US Startup is about to release a universal CPU that could threaten Intel, AMD, and Nvidia

        Tachyum universal processor is tipped to revolutionize large-scale computing…

      6. | Electronic Specifier

        Tachyum unveils Prodigy Universal Processor Prototype

        …The hardware emulator consists of multiple FPGA and IO boards connected by cables in a rack. The processor cores FPGA board size is 14.5 inches by 16 inches (368.3mm x 406.4mm). The 24-layer board is 0.110 inches thick (2.8mm) and has 5,948 components on the printed circuit board (PCB) on both sides…

      7. | EDACafe

        Rado Danilak, CEO Tachyum, in the interview for EDACafe

        Dr. Rado Danilak is talking about Tachyum and its world first universal processor Prodigy, which was designed to replace the majority of existing chips provisioned in hyperscale (cloud) data centers, offering significant improvements in performance, energy consumption, server utilization and space requirements. Dr. Danilak explained the dark side of digitalization and why we need powerful and efficient systems if we want the digitalization evolution to continue. He answered questions about Prodigy development progress and also personal questions what he likes to do in his spare time.

        Rado Danilak, CEO Tachyum, in the interview for EDACafe
      8. | Yahoo! Finance

        Tachyum Nears Design Completion with 99 Percent of Layout Completed

        …Tachyum’s Prodigy can run HPC applications, convolutional AI, explainable AI, general AI, bio-AI, and spiking neural networks, plus normal data center workloads, on a single homogeneous processor platform, using existing standard programming models…

      9. | HPC Wire

        Tachyum Nears Design Completion with 99 Percent of Layout Completed

        …Tachyum’s ability to achieve Prodigy’s 99 percent completion with a stable netlist layout and Clock Tree Synthesis (CTS) implemented is a last netlist milestone before final netlist and its tape-out…

    8. February

      1. | TechRadar Pro

        This Intel and Nvidia rival can run everything from hyperscale data centers to your web hosting

        …Chip giant Tachyum has launched a live production website powered by its home-brewed Prodigy processor, which can already run Artificial Intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC) workloads…

      2. | EnterpriseAI

        Tachyum Emulation Platform Begins Live Web Hosting

        …, a website featuring information about Tachyum and its founder and CEO Dr. Radoslav Danilak, has switched to the Tachyum emulation platform. This is the first public demonstration indicating that Prodigy’s software stack is nearing production quality and a testament to the quality of Tachyum’s software and hardware that the company intends to utilize it for its in-house needs…

      3. | HPC Wire

        Tachyum Emulation Platform Begins Live Web Hosting

        …Prodigy software emulation system is now available to partners for evaluation, development and debugging of larger software stacks. This additional testing will show customers that Prodigy is well-positioned for deployment in production-quality web servers at product launch later this year…

      4. | Cloud7

        InoCloud joins the Innovations for Digital Infrastructure

        …InoCloud’s technology and complete software security for the data center of the future further enables I4DI to build a modern, cost-effective cloud infrastructure in Slovakia to support the latest industry trends throughout the region…

      5. | Capacity Media

        InoCloud joins the Innovations for Digital Infrastructure partnership

        …InoCloud joins a growing roster of I4DI members, including founding companies PosAm, Towercom, IPM Group and Tachyum, and partners Seagate, VNET and World Wide Technology Inc. (WWT).I4DI constitutes a partnership with Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAV), Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization (MIRRI), within the National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC)…

    9. January

      1. | HPC Wire

        VNET Joins Europe-based HPC Tech Partnership I4DI

        …VNET joins a growing roster of I4DI members, including founding companies PosAm, Towercom and Tachyum, and a newer partner Seagate. I4DI, together with MIRRI (Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization) and SAV (Slovak Academy of Sciences), have established National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC) to cover activities related to high performance computing (HPC) and develop a new supercomputer in Slovakia, which would set a new level of performance worldwide…

      2. | Yahoo! Finance

        VNET Lends Nearly Two Decades of Infrastructure Experience to I4DI

        …”VNET has an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and forward-thinking team and their addition to I4DI further solidifies a brain trust of European-centric companies pushing the edge of current technological capabilities," said Dr. Radoslav Danilak, founder and CEO of Tachyum…

      3. | EE Times

        I4DI Plans Slovak Supercomputer, Adds Seagate

        …Together as I4DI, the group is planning to build the world’s fastest AI supercomputer in Slovakia, which will be built on Tachyum’s Prodigy chip. I4DI already has partnerships with SAV (the Slovak Academy of Sciences) and MIRRI SR (the Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic) within the recently inaugurated Slovak National Supercomputing Center (NSCC). The NSCC is an association of state institutions and the private sector whose aim is to build a supercomputer in Slovakia…

      4. | Yahoo! Finance

        Seagate Joins I4DI Driving Design of World Fastest AI Supercomputer

        “Seagate is the newest member of the Innovations for Digital Infrastructure (I4DI), a partnership of innovative global technology leaders that are developing European-based supercomputing solutions to advance the region’s capabilities in solving the performance, power and efficiency issues challenging the industry today. It joins founding members PosAm, Towercom and Tachyum, and thus the partnership with SAV (Slovak Academy of Sciences) and MIRRI SR (Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic) within National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC)…”

    1. December

      1. | HPC Wire

        Tachyum Prodigy Software Emulation Systems Now Available for Pre-Order

        “…Customers and partners can use Prodigy’s software emulation for evaluation, development and debug, and with it, they can begin to transition existing applications that demand high performance and low power to run optimally on Prodigy processors…”

      2. | Yahoo! Finance

        Tachyum Opens Pre-Orders for Prodigy Prototype FPGA Emulation Systems

        “…The Prodigy emulation system will help customers smooth the adoption curve for Prodigy in their existing or new data center and/or HPC systems that demand high performance, high utilization and low power…”

      3. |

        Minister Remisova: Supercomputers will help Slovak companies and public sector

        …“The goal of NSCC is not just to build one supercomputer, but to create an ecosystem of companies and researchers, and make available the already existing HPC capabilities to them, " said Radoslav Repa, vice-chairman of the NSCC board and Director General of the Section of Digital Agenda at MIRRI SR. Adrián Vycital from I4DI predicts that NSCC can use one of the fastest microchips in the world currently being developed by Tachyum…

      4. | EnterpriseAI

        Tachyum Demonstrates Prodigy UEFI, Available to Partners for Product Launch in 2021

        “…By achieving the demonstration of our UEFI and making it available to developers, we are keeping our commitment of fundamentally changing the datacenter and advancing the abilities of organizations requiring leading performance for their CPU, AI/ML and HPC workloads…”

      5. | HPC Wire

        Tachyum Demonstrates Prodigy UEFI, Available to Partners for Product Launch in 2021

        “…Build partners will have the opportunity to access a full platform of software, operating system and chip emulation hardware when delivered…”

      6. | HPC Wire

        Tachyum Joins I4DI to Design World’s Fastest AI Supercomputer in Slovakia

        “…This Slovakian universal computing center will showcase the world’s first universal processor Prodigy, capable of switching seamlessly among hyperscale, AI and HPC workloads…”

    2. November

      1. | eeNews Europe

        Slovakia aims to build world’s fastest AI supercomputer

        “…I4DI (Innovations for Digital Infrastructure) brings together IT company PosAm and TV and networking provider Towercom with US AI chip startup Tachyum to build a National Supercomputing Centre (NSC) in Slovakia…”

      2. | EMS Now

        Tachyum Joins I4DI to Design World’s Fastest AI Supercomputer in Slovakia

        “…I4DI will provide freedom and openness, like Open Compute, to the European HPC market…”

      3. | Highways Today

        Tachyum joins I4DI to develop the world’s fastest AI Supercomputer in Slovakia

        “…I4DI-designed datacenters, like NSC, will serve as a blueprint for future government or commercial cloud initiatives such as InoCloud…”

      4. |

        The fastest supercomputer with artificial intelligence in the world is beingbuilt in Slovakia

        “…It is expected that peak performance, efficiency and cost savings will attract international attention and accelerate the migration from prodigy processor-based solutions to public and private cloud infrastructures…”

      5. |

        Tachyum Joins I4DI To Design World’s Fastest AI Supercomputer In Slovakia

        “…By launching a partnership among leading European and global technology companies, we are able to transform the region’s capabilities from consumers to producers of supercomputing capabilities that will transform the AI landscape…”

      6. | Yahoo! Finance

        Tachyum Joins I4DI to Design World’s Fastest AI Supercomputer in Slovakia

        “…While much of existing data in the EU is controlled and monetized by US corporations today, I4DI and NSC will serve as an example of how future supercomputers should be built and it will help transform Slovakia and the entire EU region from an importer of data center and supercomputer technologies to an innovative leader in research and development for worldwide AI and HPC solutions…”

    3. October

      1. | Electronic Specifier

        Tachyum Prodigy moves closer to volume production

        “…By nearing 100 percent completion of the silicon design of our product, we are ensuring that organisations will finally have the performance, power efficiency and cost advantages they need to solve the most challenging issues facing them years earlier than previously expected…”

    4. September

      1. | ZDNet

        Close to the metal: serial entrepreneur Rado Danilak describes ‘the most crazy project of my life’

        “…The Prodigy processor, as it’s called, is that most mythical of Silicon Valley creations, an everything computer that can do all, with amazing cost benefits and energy savings…”

      2. | TechTime

        A mysterious start-up company is challenging Intel

        “…They are interested in the Prodigy processor because it will make it possible to build an artificial intelligence system at the scale of the human brain, 15 years before any other technology…”

    5. August

      1. | eeNews Embedded

        x86, ARM, and RISC-V software running on Tachyum Prodigy

        “…This demonstration of Prodigy’s ability to run software correctly – even legacy code from x86, ARM or RISC-V processors – shows that we will enable customers to seamlessly use the applications they are using today from day one of Prodigy’s launch…”

    6. July

      1. | The Washington Times

        Revolutionary microchip hailed as 'generational' breakthrough that will upend defense tech

        “…Prodigy’s unique attributes set the conditions to create a computing architecture fully aligned with the operational and strategic imperatives of our national strategy…”

    1. January

      1. | BBN Times

        Cryptocurrencies & Chipmakers — A tale of two crises

        “…The problem of device physics is a solvable one and that it is the silver lining to the death of Moore’s law. The industry’s performance plateau creates a market space and opportunity for new ways of thinking, new designs and new inventions…”

    1. December

      1. | Inside HPC

        Tachyum Moves Forward with Prodigy Chip for Extreme Power Efficiency

        “…Tachyum achieved engineering proof of performance using the Cadence Innovus Implementation System to place & route, its design of all critical core components. This proof point, which cannot be challenged, has confirmed that the core design to be utilized in its final Prodigy product, has achieved Tachyum performance design goals using only standards cells…”

    2. October

      1. | Forbes

        Human Brain-Sized Artificial Intelligence (AI): Coming Soon To A Cloud Data Center Near You

        “…Using TPUs and GPUs, even if they are dedicated to AI processing tasks, can still be problematic. It drives up data center capital expenditures for AI-specific processors, and it drives up costs for software development…”

    3. August

      1. | The Register

        Xeon-bashing Tachyum claims its Prodigy CPU will run AI jobs as well as traditional apps

        “…This homegrown chip is still being designed, and is alleged to be faster than Intel’s Skylake CPUs by using 7nm FinFETs and other techniques…”

      2. | AnandTech

        Hot Chips 2018: Tachyum Prodigy CPU Live Blog

        One of the more interesting talks is from Tachyum, who have a deep presentation about their new hyperscale Prodigy processors with up to 64 cores and eight channel memory

      3. | Forbes

        More Flash Memory News

        “…RadoDanilak’s latest start-up company, Tachyum, is creating a disruptive intelligence processing product…”

      4. | Inside HPC

        Tachyum Touts Benefits of Universal Processor at HOT CHIPS

        “…Tachyum has achieved unprecedented compute performance and power efficiency for Data Center and AI applications to enable a new generation of Supercomputers with the introduction of its Prodigy Universal Processor Chip…”

      5. | ZDNet

        Rat brain for rent: Smarter AI in hyperscale datacenters

        “…AI is artificial, no doubt. But it isn’t very intelligent, which is one reason training requires enormous datasets. What if you could rent an artificial rat brain, or even better, an artificial human brain that could learn much faster? A startup is working to make that happen within 5 years…”

    4. July

      1. | The Register

        'Prodigy' chip moonshot gets hand from Arm CPU chap

        “…Silicon design startupTachyum has appointed the original designer of the Arm CPU to its advisory board and chucked its hat in the ring to be the domestic exascale supercomputer chip inside the EU’s home-grown super…”

      2. | The Register

        'Prodigy' chip moonshot gets hand from Arm CPU guru Prof Steve Furber

        “…As for Arm man Steve Furber, the firm said it was hoping he would help position Prodigy to achieve disruptive performance in Spiking Model neural simulations, as well as standard data centre workloads…”

      3. | Inside HPC

        Professor Steve Furber Joins Tachyum Board of Advisors

        “…I look forward to collaborating with Tachyum to help its management make informed strategic decisions that will help accelerate the realization of their disruptive products…”

      4. | Notebook Check

        Tachyum's Prodigy Universal Processor Platform aims to rewrite everything we know about CPUs and GPUs

        “…Tachyum’s 64-core Prodigy processor can output 128 TFLOPS of compute performance. Assemble about 250,000 of these and you get a neural net that is about the size of the human brain i.e. about 1019 flops or 10 exaflops…”

    5. June

      1. | TechRadar Pro

        This startup wants to kill the CPU and GPU in one go

        “…TechRadar Pro caught up with Rado Danilak to find out more about the venture and where exactly does these seemingly outlandish claims come from…”

      2. | HPC Wire

        Tachyum CEO Discusses Architecture High-Performance Symbolic and General AI at Machine Learning & AI DevCon

        Rado Danilak will for the first time publicly talk about architecture high-performance symbolic and general AI, as well as convolution networks, at the Machine Learning & AI Developers Conference

    6. May

      1. | HPC Wire

        Silicon Startup Raises 'Prodigy' for Hyperscale/AI Workloads

        “…By enabling a 4x reduction in datacenter TCO through improved power efficiency and reduced footprint, hyperscalers like Google and Facebook could save billions of dollars by moving to Prodigy…”

      2. | Inside HPC

        New Tachyum Prodigy Chip has "More than 10x the Performance of Conventional Processors per Watt"

        “…Prodigy will reduce data center TCO by a factor of four; conversely, a Prodigy-based data center delivering the same performance as conventional servers can be built in as small as 1% the space and consume one-tenth the energy…”

      3. | Scientific Computing

        Tachyum announce new processor platform

        “…Silicon design startup Tachyum has appointed the original designer of the Arm CPU to its advisory board and chucked its hat in the ring to be the domestic exascale supercomputer chip inside the EU’s home-grown super…”

      4. | Bit-Tech

        Tachyum teases tenfold performance boost

        “…Rather than build separate infrastructures for AI, HPC and conventional compute, the Prodigy chip will deliver all within one unified simplified environment…”

      5. | SensorsMag

        Universal Processor Platform Exhibits 10x Performance Boost

        “…Tachyum’s new design addresses what many identify as one of the most critical challenges facing hyperscale enterprises today: energy consumption…”

      6. | Diginomica

        The fierce competition for supremacy in the machine learning chip market – take 2

        “…Tachyumis a startup that recently teased preliminary information about a processor it claims achieves dramatically better performance and power efficiency on AI workloads than the conventional combination of CPUs and GPUs…”

      7. | SensorsMag

        Partners Perpetrate AI On Demand

        “…Valley startupTachyum’s partnership with Numericcal will enable its Cloud Chips to support Numericcal’s Deep Neural Network (DNN) deployment technology…”

      8. | Read IT Quik

        Cloud Chip Startup Tachyum Inc. Secures VC Investment From IPM

        IPM’s investment is giving Tachyum a significant boost in our ability to bring our Cloud Chip to life and to address the sea change in semiconductor development threatening to topple industries that depend on processing performance and density

    7. March

      1. | Forbes

        Moore's Law Is Dying -- So Where Are Its Heirs?

        “…The forward march of progress and the health of the economy rely on continued improvement in semiconductors…”

    8. February

      1. | HPC Wire

        Cloud Chip Company Tachyum Receives Venture Capital Investment from IPM

        “…Tachyum’s founders have a proven track record at previous companies of solving problems caused by device physics and in delivering disruptive products to market…”

      2. | The Register

        Ex-Skyera chaps'Tachyum startup grabs cloud chip cash

        “…One of the obstacles in developing ambitious projects in a number of fields is the lack of access to high-performance processing chips needed to tackle the ever-increasing number and complexity of algorithms demanded of today’s computing problems, as well as the high energy consumption of the rapidly expanding data center market…”

    9. January

      1. |


        “… We don’t know any details of Tachyum’s plans yet but what we do know is that in past ventures the founders have changed the economic boundaries of what the data systems industry had previously believed to be possible… "

    1. December

      1. | Forbes

        Why Energy Is A Big And Rapidly Growing Problem For Data Centers

        “…Given there are currently 10 billion internet-connected devices, doubling that to 20 billion will require massive increases to our data center infrastructure, which will massively increase our electricity consumption…”

    2. November

      1. | IPMllp

        The Danube Valley: from Manufacturers to Innovators

        “…Rado Danilak discussed among the panelists on the event “The Danube Valley: From Manufacturers to Innovators” to address the opportunities, challenges and significance of the Danube Valley region with respect to innovation…”

    3. October

      1. | TechTarget

        IoT and secure data centers

        “IoT devices and use cases are exploding. Coupled with advances in artificial intelligence (AI), they are poised to transform our lives. Interfaces are moving from touchscreen to intelligent voice control. In order for IoT devices to become ubiquitous, they must be increasingly intelligent and, at the same time, low cost. That is the conundrum - product attributes that are in conflict with each other. … "

    4. August

      1. | ZDNet

        Tachyum bets on flash storage to re-architect the cloud data center

        “…Cloud datacenters rely on acres of disk drives to store data, and startupTachyum aims to change that with an all-flash cloud. The secret sauce is a combination of transistor physics and advanced data encoding…”

    5. April

      1. | The Register

        US falling behind China' in semiconductors but storage startup promises to kiss it better

        “…The alert claims that the US economy’s leadership in the $335bn global semiconductor industry and the $1 trillion market for high-tech products and services powered by these semiconductors is at risk. It frightens us with China’s lead in supercomputing, but says Tachyum says not to worry…”

    6. February

      1. |

        New Start-Up Tachyum in Nanometer-Class Chips and Systems They Power

        “… The impact of Tachyum products will be felt across a spectrum of applications and markets … "

      2. | The Register

        Say a stealthy 'hi' to Gluent, Tachyum and VAST Data

        “… The Skyera boys are back in town with Tachyum, a startup launched to “solve the problem of declining rates of processing technology advancement, performance, density, and cost improvements which have all hit plateaux… "