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Tachyum Addresses the Elephant in the Room

with Latest Milestones

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Though most people probably wouldn’t contemplate actually eating an elephant, the prospect of completing such a huge task would certainly be daunting for anybody. That’s why the approach of finishing the job one step at a time is an important consideration when faced with any Herculean task.

Here at Tachyum, we’ve been readying our Prodigy Universal Processor for quite some time. Our goal of getting it to market later this year is one that we have clearly stated, and we have been working diligently, step by step, to ensure that we accomplish this. The latest steps we have made towards production include the availability of our FPGA emulation prototype for Prodigy and the release of our motherboard emulation for Prodigy. Here’s what these important milestones mean and why they’re important …

FPGA stands for field-programmable gate array, which is basically some hardware circuits than can be programmed with complex functions that can act together as a more comprehensive multi-core processor. It is an important step before manufacturing our Prodigy chip because it allows us to verify Prodigy’s capabilities and design to ensure that the final product will perform as intended. Our FPGA emulation prototype was developed in house to offer the best possible accuracy and performance. Customers can begin benchmarking and porting their own application software to native Prodigy code, enabling them to use Prodigy’s fully functional FPGA emulation for product evaluation, performance measurements, as well as software development, debug and compatibility testing. This will also help customers smooth the adoption curve for Prodigy in their existing or new data center and/or HPC systems that demand high performance, high utilization and low power.

Our motherboard emulation prototype of the Prodigy Universal Processor FPGA prototype was recently sent to manufacturing, which, when returned, will be plugged into the completed FPGA emulation Prodigy Processor boards to create a fully functional system. This milestone brings Prodigy one step closer to production-ready status. With the motherboard back from manufacturing, which is expected in early May, progressing through each stage of testing and manufacturing so quickly stems from our meticulous design process and a thorough understanding of semiconductor engineering and the unbelievable talent of the Tachyum team. We look forward to continuing the journey to tape out later this year.

We are lucky to have been able to savor each “bite” in the process of developing Prodigy thus far. From the initial concept to engineering plans to seeing that first “blink” of the FPGA when it was plugged in, it has been a rewarding experience and one we cannot wait to share with the world when completed. Please continue to follow along with our journey to completion through this newsletter or via our social media platforms.

Chi To, Director of Solutions Engineering, Tachyum, with Prodigy Universal Processor FPGA Prototype

Chi To, Director of Solutions Engineering, Tachyum, with Prodigy Universal Processor FPGA Prototype

3D picture of DDR-IO board

3D picture of DDR-IO board