1. November

      1. Customer & Partner Portal demo

        presented at ITAPA 2021 International Congress

        Tachyum Emulation portal During development of a new processor, close cooperation of architects, hardware, software, and verification teams is necessary. Architects are responsible for the design of the chip, its instruction set, fetching and evaluation process of each instruction, cooperation, and data exchange between CPU cores and between the entire CPU in a multi-socket configuration. Many more of their activities define overall properties, performance, and the processor’s ability to communicate with external peripherals.

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      2. Košice is on the way to the world’s AI map

        Tachyum will help to get there faster

        Innovation and technological potential of the Eastern Slovakia region is still a bit undiscovered. The IT sector is extraordinarily well developed here. Dr. Radoslav Danilák, CEO and founder of Tachyum, and Robert Cisár, Business Development Manager, visited Cassovia New Industry Cluster (CNIC), Košice IT Valley Cluster and Pavol Jozef Šafárik University. The result of the meetings is a perspective collaboration to support education in the field of supercomputers and AI, cooperation in commercialization of scientific knowledge and intellectual property, building High Performance Computing infrastructure based on Tachyum reference architecture.

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      3. Why it’s important for countries to have “the best”:

        The world fastest supercomputer, built in Slovakia, is a chance for the country to join the world stage

        Unless a country is a superpower, it’s not easy to attract the world’s attention. For a small country to get the support of other nations and peoples, it needs something unique, something that’s the best in the world. If a country wants to be recognized as a supercomputing power, it’s not enough to have a supercomputer in the top 100. It’s not even enough to have a supercomputer in the top 50.

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    2. August

      1. Human Brain Scale AI:

        Coming Soon

        Artificial Intelligence, or, put more simply, faster computation speed, is critical for progress in nearly all aspects of human life. This includes drug and vaccine development, agriculture, logistics and transportation systems, national defense, and much more. It is also crucial for making our planet greener, at a time when the effects of climate change are ravaging our world. AI will spawn progress in weather and disaster forecasting, reducing industrial emissions, designing fuel-efficient engines, preserving natural habitats, and more.

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    3. March

      1. Beyond the Buzz:

        The Forgotten Costs of Powering AI/ML Workloads

        Artificial intelligence and machine learning are trending topics across media, having captured the imaginations of companies and consumers alike with the promise of how these technologies will revolutionize industries and lifestyles in the near and distant future. As many the once-only-imagined projects, like autonomous vehicles, become reality, the coverage has been celebratory and optimistic about how they will benefit society. But what is often underreported is the cost that such advancements impact on the world to achieve such results.

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      2. Tachyum Addresses the Elephant in the Room

        with Latest Milestones

        How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Though most people probably wouldn’t contemplate actually eating an elephant, the prospect of completing such a huge task would certainly be daunting for anybody. That’s why the approach of finishing the job one step at a time is an important consideration when faced with any Herculean task. Here at Tachyum, we’ve been readying our Prodigy Universal Processor for quite some time.

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