OS Kernel Engineer


  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Bratislava, Slovakia

Job fields:

  • Software
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What You’ll be Doing

  • Design, develop, port, maintain, test, debug, optimize, secure, and/or evaluate OS Kernel and system software, including device drivers, virtualization, hypervisor, and/or other software open source technologies
  • Manage open source low level packages and patches
  • Debug various issues within kernel, user space drivers and upgrade systems
  • Apply knowledge and experience in implementing drivers and functionalities
  • Collaborate with team members on engineering tasks that contribute company progress
  • Engage with an experienced cross-disciplinary staff to conceive new designs and innovations
  • Identify performance bottlenecks and optimize system performance

What We Are Looking For

  • Deep understanding of multi-processing architectures, operating systems and hypervisors
  • Proven C/C++ development and debugging skills in kernel and user mode applications
  • Knowledge of low-level operating system and hardware primitives
  • Skilled in object-oriented design and standard programming practices
  • Strong knowledge and experience in different kernel and user space application
  • Experience using open source tools and integrating open source packages
  • BS / MS in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering
  • Ability to Learn new technologies and apply the knowledge quickly
  • Ability to meet project milestones and deadlines

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