European Chip Ecosystem


Tachyum Delivers the Key to European Technological Sovereignty Prodigy 2-based Machine will make the EU #1 in the HPC/AI World

Tachyum’s Prodigy family of Universal Processors has transformed the processor industry with its revolutionary new architecture that delivers unprecedented performance, efficiency, and scalability.

Tachyum Prodigy Key Features

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Integrating the functionality of a CPU, GPGPU, and TPU, in a single homogeneous processor architecture makes it the world’s first truly universal processor, avoiding the need for power-hungry and expensive CPU accelerators.

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With the ability to deliver industry leading high performance and low power, Prodigy provides 10x lower power core vs core than competing products at 3x lower cost.

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Prodigy’s unique architecture enables a fully software-composable, homogeneous environment, allowing servers to be fully utilized 24/7.

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Tachyum’s roadmap includes Prodigy 1 in 5nm fabrication process technology, which will be sampling in the second half of 2022, and followed quickly by Prodigy 2, which will be manufactured in 3nm technology. Prodigy 2 will be the basis of the zettascale HPC/AI cluster shown below.

Prodigy 2 Powered HPC/AI Cluster Delivers ZettaScale Performance

Delivers ZettaScale Performance
  • 1 AI ZettaFLOPS
  • 10 DP ExaFLOPS
  • 256 Compute Racks

Tachyum helps create state-of-the-art European Chip Ecosystem

Today, the EU is heavily dependent on non-EU chip suppliers, since it has only 10% of the global fabrication market. Global semiconductors shortages have affected a wide range of sectors from automotive to healthcare.

With Tachyum’s Prodigy family of Universal Processors, Europe can attain technology sovereignty.


IPCEI Important Projects of Common European Interest

Tachyum was selected by the Slovak Republic to participate in the latest submission for the IPCEI to develop Prodigy 2 for HPC/AI. Tachyum IPCEI Project Concept “Accelerating Prodigy 2, an EU Processor” addresses the most fundamental reason for the current IPCEI multi-national program: the dire need for a competitive EU Processor.

A Euro grant will accelerate the second-generation Tachyum Prodigy® processor for HPC/AI in a 3-nanometer fabrication process, which will enable a 1 AI Zettaflop/greater than 10 Double Precision Exaflops computer, to support brain-scale computing.

European Chips Act

European Chips Act

The European Commission has proposed a comprehensive set of measures to ensure the EU strengthens its semiconductor ecosystem, increases its resilience and ensures supply and reduces external dependencies. In total, more than €43 billion of policy-driven investment will support the Chips act until 2030.

Tachyum participated in the CEO Roundtable on Semiconductors organized by the European Commission, that was organized in preparation for the European Chips Act.



The European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking is a joint initiative between the EU, European countries and private partners to develop a World Class Supercomputing Ecosystem in Europe. Faster and sustainable computation speed for AI is considered critical for advancements in all aspects of human life – from faster drug discovery and vaccine development, to climate change impact assessment, weather forecasting, personalized medicine and more. Solving the world’s problems requires the highest-performance processor available.

With Tachyum’s Prodigy Universal Processor, Slovakia will deliver a ground-breaking product which will have a profound impact on global concerns with an impact on the economy, global security, the environment and mankind’s future.

Strategic Sovereignty

Strategic Sovereignty

The EU consumes 30% of the world’s compute resources but operates only 6% of the global compute resources. As much as 84% of data is processed outside the EU. European AI today is in the hands of other countries, misaligned with EU interests. The EU needs to address this situation for the sake of progress as well as European security.

Tachyum dual-use commercial/government chips will help accomplish this and can put the EU in a leading position in supercomputing and data center markets.