Tachyum Prodigy 1U Evaluation Platform/ Reference Design
Reference Designs

Tachyum Prodigy 1U Evaluation Platform / Reference Design

Usage: AI inference, cloud applications including web servers, storage, database, big data, and analytics.

Prodigy’s 1U enclosure is optimized for the high density required by cloud and hyperscale applications, including virtualized environments. It provides the ideal platform for a wide range of applications that include AI inference, storage, web serving, big data, video transcoding, and databases, including in-memory databases, in a cost-effective air-cooled platform that allows easy evaluation and deployment.

The platform supports dual Prodigy Universal Processors, 32 DDR5 RDIMMs, 16 E1.S SSDs, and PCIe slots supporting both OCP and standard form factors. The powerful default configuration is summarized below:

  • 2 Prodigy Universal Processors running with full hardware coherency
  • 32 DDR5 32GB RDIMMs
  • 4 4TB E1.S SSD modules
  • 1 Broadcom Thor 2 400 Gb/s network adapter

To learn more, read our 1U/2U white paper.