Why Tachyum

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  • 50+ Industry experts and professionals
  • 100+ Years of industry experience
  • 250+ Digital systems design patents registered and pending

Advancements in semiconductor density, power efficiency, and cost have slowed dramatically. The Industry, hit by a performance plateau crisis, is discussing the death of Moore’s law. The underlying cause is the physics of nanometer class devices, which existing approaches to hardware, software, and system design, fail to overcome.

A solution requires a fundamentally new approach, one that non-disruptively converts existing software to new computational mechanisms, created specifically to unlock the performance of nanometer-size devices. Tachyum’s Founders have a proven track record, in previous companies, of solving problems caused by device physics, to deliver disruptive products to market.

Tachyum will unlock unprecedented performance, power efficiency, and cost advantages, to solve the most complex problems in big data analytics, deep learning, mobile, and large scale computing. The deep impact will be felt across a broad spectrum of markets and industries.

The World’s First Universal Processor for Hyperscale, HPC, and AI Workloads

Who We Are

Tachyum has developed the world’s first Universal Processor that combines the functions of a CPU, GPU, and TPU into a single homogeneous processor architecture that is faster, 10x lower power, and 1/3 the cost of competing products.

The Tachyum solution delivers never-before seen performance and efficiency to a wide range of applications including Hyperscale, HPC, and AI.

Who We Are

Our Purpose

Tachyum’s revolutionary new processor maximizes performance without the need for costly and power-hungry hardware accelerators, enabling a new level of data center agility that dramatically increases performance and efficiency while lowering TCO.

Our Purpose

How We Are Changing the World

Tachyum products significantly reduce data center power consumption, which lowers carbon emissions and helps to address climate change and keep our planet green.

In addition, Tachyum-powered supercomputers are poised to address some of the world’s most important and challenging problems, including a wide array of global health challenges, as well as the ability to provide real-time language translation from any language to any other language, making the world a true global village.

Prodigy will drive worldwide economic growth by allowing massive growth in AI. According to PWC, AI will increase global GDP by 14%, or $15.7 trillion, by 20301, and Prodigy will be a key enabler of that growth.

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How We Are Changing The World

Multiple Product SKUs Address a Wide Range of Markets and Applications

Target Platforms

  • Hyperscale Data Centers

    Hyperscale Data Centers

  • High Performance Computing

    High Performance Computing

  • AI


  • Edge Computing

    Edge Computing

  • Databases


Our Products

Tachyum’s Prodigy® family of high-performance processors includes a range of product SKUs that address a wide array of markets, applications, and workloads. The cutting-edge family of Prodigy solutions range from 192 cores at the high end to a 64-core volume SKU and an entry-level 32-core SKU.

By combining the functions of a CPU, GPU, and TPU, Prodigy-based servers provide unprecedented agility and flexibility, and are easily repurposed between workloads regardless of the type or complexity of the workload, while maintaining a cost and power-efficient homogeneous environment. For example, Prodigy-based servers are easily repurposed from integer workloads such as web hosting/serving to AI/ML workloads requiring high-performance vector operations.

Prodigy has a full suite of development tools, models, and libraries, including software emulators and an FPGA-based hardware emulator.

  • 192 Cores

    192 Cores

    • Big AI,
    • Big Data,
    • Exascale Supercomputers
  • 96 Cores

    96 Cores

    • Hyperscale Datacenters,
    • Databases,
    • Data Analytics
  • 48 Cores

    48 Cores

    • Hyperscale Datacenters,
    • Web Hosting,
    • Storage,
    • Edge Computing