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Tachyum CEO Dr. Radoslav Danilak to speak at Driving.Digital 2019

Bratislava, Slovakia, October 14, 2019 – Dr. Radoslav Danilak, Founder and CEO of semiconductor startup Tachyum Inc., with US Headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif., and European headquarters in Bratislava comprising a rapidly growing R&D operation, will deliver a “Success Story” talk at the Driving.Digital conference, held at the X-Bionic Sphere in Samorin, Slovakia. Dr. Danilak is scheduled to speak October 15 th at 9:45 a.m.

Driving.Digital, the first automotive security conference in the CEE region, brings together experts and thought leaders from around the globe to promote the Connected Cars and Autonomous Vehicles Stability Program of the Slovak Republic, in order to advance safety and security, along with intelligent and autonomous mobility systems. Slovakia produces more cars per capita than any other nation. The Driving.Digital conference is part of Autoshow Nitra, the largest auto show in the region, which draws more than 500,000 visitors and 2,000 international exhibitors. “As a native Slovak, I am honored to be part of this year’s very first Driving.Digital conference,” said Dr. Danilak “Growing up, I witnessed firsthand how automotive manufacturing transformed Slovakia. With the emergence of AI-enabled, self- driving cars, another transformation is now underway, and I fully expect Tachyum to become a major contributor in this domain. As part of this effort, Tachyum brought in to the board of advisors Dr. Kurt Lauk, Member of the Board of Management and Head of Worldwide Commercial Vehicles Division of Daimler Chrysler (1996-1999), Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Audi AG (1989-1992), former chairman of Economic Council in Germany, former advisor to Angela Merkel.”

The EU’s commitment to Industry 4.0 is driving fundamental and rapid change within the automotive industry. The emergence of autonomous cars, operating within a smart, interconnected transport infrastructure, will drive innovative change in many industries, not just automotive.

Adapting to these transformative mobility trends, where the stability of the ecosystem is essential, will be crucial for a successful Industry 4.0 outcome. The main goal of Driving.Digital is to support and promote research and innovation within the automotive and mobility industries in Slovakia. Target audiences include automotive suppliers and subcontractors seeking to increase their competitiveness, foreign companies looking to expand within the Slovak automotive market, and suppliers of innovative digital solutions for transportation and mobility, that advance safety and security.

Tachyum’s Prodigy Universal Processor Chip is the smallest and fastest general purpose, 64-core processor developed to date, requiring 10x less processor power, and reducing processor cost by 3x. Prodigy will directly enable a 32-Tensor Exaflop supercomputer and allow the building of machines m powerful than the human brain by 2021, years ahead of industry expectations. Prodigy reduces data center TCO (annual total cost of ownership) by 4x, through its disruptive processor architecture and a smart compiler that has made many parts of the hardware found in typical processors redundant. Fewer transistors, fewer and shorter wires, due to a smaller, simpler core, translates into much greater speed and power efficiency for the Prodigy processor.

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Named for the Greek prefix “tachy,” meaning speed, combined with the suffix “-um,” indicating an element (e.g. lithium), Tachyum is meant to evoke the notion of “an element of speed”. Tachyum emerged from stealth mode in 2017 to engineer disruptive intelligent information processing products. Tachyum’s founders have a track record of solving problems caused by device physics in semiconductors, to deliver transformational products to global markets, and are backed by IPM Growth, the Central & Eastern European venture capital platform, as Tachyum’s lead investor.