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    1. | Gartner

      Gartner Forecasts Worldwide AI Chips Revenue to Grow 33% in 2024

      “Today, generative AI (GenAI) is fueling demand for high-performance AI chips in data centers. In 2024, the value of AI accelerators used in servers, which offload data processing from microprocessors, will total $21 billion, and increase to $33 billion by 2028,” said Alan Priestley, VP Analyst at Gartner.

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    1. | The Register

      US CHIPS Act set to electrify semiconductor scene with billions

      The US government has dropped details on its National Strategy on Microelectronics Research, outlining top goals and actions for the next five years to boost the semiconductor industry with CHIPS Act investment.

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    1. | The Register

      Water worries flood in as chip industry and AI models grow thirstier

      Mega makers already operate in water-scarce areas, and worry is they’ll drink us dry

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    1. | Data Centre Magazine

      AI Boom Will Cause Data Centre Electricity Demand to Double

      IEA Expects Global Electricity Demand, Driven by AI Growth, to Double by 2026 - Citing the Importance of Sustainability and Net Zero Investments

    2. | The Register

      Global semiconductor revenues slid 11 percent in 2023, despite AI silicon splurge

      Nvidia raked in the boatloads of cash, but the rest of the industry is still hurting. 2023’s copious chatter about generative AI has not translated into surging semiconductor revenues across the industry, according to analyst firm Gartner.

    3. | The Register

      Chip wars could lead to oversupply as China increases domestic capacity

      China’s chip manufacturing capacity is expected to more than double within the next 5 to 7 years, according to TrendForce, and this could lead to a market oversupply that would spell trouble for semiconductor companies elsewhere.

    4. | Data Centre Magazine

      The drive towards global modular data centre growth in 2024

      This year anticipates an increase in scalable modular data centres as the demand for AI and cloud-based technologies continues to challenge the industry.

    5. | The Register

      Semiconductor scene set for AI-led recovery in 2024, and China will be in front

      Global semiconductor capacity is tipped to grow in 2024, despite the doom and gloom, with China forecast to lead the way and expand its share of global chip production as it tries to become more self sufficient.

    6. | The Register

      2024 sure looks like an exciting year for datacenter silicon

      The new year is already shaping up to be one of the most significant in terms of datacenter silicon we’ve seen in a while. Every major chip house is slated to refresh their CPU and/or GPU product lines over the coming twelve months.

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    1. | ZDNet

      Generative AI spending to reach $143 billion in 2027, says IDC

      The forecasted growth of generative AI investments is more than twice the growth rate in overall AI spending and 13 times greater than the CAGR for worldwide IT spending over the same period, according to IDC.

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