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    1. | Inside HPC

      Tachyum Moves Forward with Prodigy Chip for Extreme Power Efficiency

      “…Tachyum achieved engineering proof of performance using the Cadence Innovus Implementation System to place & route, its design of all critical core components. This proof point, which cannot be challenged, has confirmed that the core design to be utilized in its final Prodigy product, has achieved Tachyum performance design goals using only standards cells…”

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    1. | Forbes

      Human Brain-Sized Artificial Intelligence (AI): Coming Soon To A Cloud Data Center Near You

      “…Using TPUs and GPUs, even if they are dedicated to AI processing tasks, can still be problematic. It drives up data center capital expenditures for AI-specific processors, and it drives up costs for software development…”

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    1. | The Register

      Xeon-bashing Tachyum claims its Prodigy CPU will run AI jobs as well as traditional apps

      “…This homegrown chip is still being designed, and is alleged to be faster than Intel’s Skylake CPUs by using 7nm FinFETs and other techniques…”

    2. | AnandTech

      Hot Chips 2018: Tachyum Prodigy CPU Live Blog

      One of the more interesting talks is from Tachyum, who have a deep presentation about their new hyperscale Prodigy processors with up to 64 cores and eight channel memory

    3. | Forbes

      More Flash Memory News

      “…RadoDanilak’s latest start-up company, Tachyum, is creating a disruptive intelligence processing product…”

    4. | Inside HPC

      Tachyum Touts Benefits of Universal Processor at HOT CHIPS

      “…Tachyum has achieved unprecedented compute performance and power efficiency for Data Center and AI applications to enable a new generation of Supercomputers with the introduction of its Prodigy Universal Processor Chip…”

    5. | ZDNet

      Rat brain for rent: Smarter AI in hyperscale datacenters

      “…AI is artificial, no doubt. But it isn’t very intelligent, which is one reason training requires enormous datasets. What if you could rent an artificial rat brain, or even better, an artificial human brain that could learn much faster? A startup is working to make that happen within 5 years…”

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    1. | The Register

      'Prodigy' chip moonshot gets hand from Arm CPU guru Prof Steve Furber

      “…As for Arm man Steve Furber, the firm said it was hoping he would help position Prodigy to achieve disruptive performance in Spiking Model neural simulations, as well as standard data centre workloads…”

    2. | The Register

      'Prodigy' chip moonshot gets hand from Arm CPU chap

      “…Silicon design startupTachyum has appointed the original designer of the Arm CPU to its advisory board and chucked its hat in the ring to be the domestic exascale supercomputer chip inside the EU’s home-grown super…”

    3. | Inside HPC

      Professor Steve Furber Joins Tachyum Board of Advisors

      “…I look forward to collaborating with Tachyum to help its management make informed strategic decisions that will help accelerate the realization of their disruptive products…”

    4. | Notebook Check

      Tachyum's Prodigy Universal Processor Platform aims to rewrite everything we know about CPUs and GPUs

      “…Tachyum’s 64-core Prodigy processor can output 128 TFLOPS of compute performance. Assemble about 250,000 of these and you get a neural net that is about the size of the human brain i.e. about 1019 flops or 10 exaflops…”

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    1. | TechRadar Pro

      This startup wants to kill the CPU and GPU in one go

      “…TechRadar Pro caught up with Rado Danilak to find out more about the venture and where exactly does these seemingly outlandish claims come from…”

    2. | HPC Wire

      Tachyum CEO Discusses Architecture High-Performance Symbolic and General AI at Machine Learning & AI DevCon

      Rado Danilak will for the first time publicly talk about architecture high-performance symbolic and general AI, as well as convolution networks, at the Machine Learning & AI Developers Conference

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    1. | HPC Wire

      Silicon Startup Raises 'Prodigy' for Hyperscale/AI Workloads

      “…By enabling a 4x reduction in datacenter TCO through improved power efficiency and reduced footprint, hyperscalers like Google and Facebook could save billions of dollars by moving to Prodigy…”

    2. | SensorsMag

      Universal Processor Platform Exhibits 10x Performance Boost

      “…Tachyum’s new design addresses what many identify as one of the most critical challenges facing hyperscale enterprises today: energy consumption…”

    3. | Bit-Tech

      Tachyum teases tenfold performance boost

      “…Rather than build separate infrastructures for AI, HPC and conventional compute, the Prodigy chip will deliver all within one unified simplified environment…”

    4. | Scientific Computing

      Tachyum announce new processor platform

      “…Silicon design startup Tachyum has appointed the original designer of the Arm CPU to its advisory board and chucked its hat in the ring to be the domestic exascale supercomputer chip inside the EU’s home-grown super…”

    5. | Inside HPC

      New Tachyum Prodigy Chip has "More than 10x the Performance of Conventional Processors per Watt"

      “…Prodigy will reduce data center TCO by a factor of four; conversely, a Prodigy-based data center delivering the same performance as conventional servers can be built in as small as 1% the space and consume one-tenth the energy…”

    6. | Diginomica

      The fierce competition for supremacy in the machine learning chip market – take 2

      “…Tachyumis a startup that recently teased preliminary information about a processor it claims achieves dramatically better performance and power efficiency on AI workloads than the conventional combination of CPUs and GPUs…”

    7. | SensorsMag

      Partners Perpetrate AI On Demand

      “…Valley startupTachyum’s partnership with Numericcal will enable its Cloud Chips to support Numericcal’s Deep Neural Network (DNN) deployment technology…”

    8. | Read IT Quik

      Cloud Chip Startup Tachyum Inc. Secures VC Investment From IPM

      IPM’s investment is giving Tachyum a significant boost in our ability to bring our Cloud Chip to life and to address the sea change in semiconductor development threatening to topple industries that depend on processing performance and density

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    1. | Forbes

      Moore's Law Is Dying -- So Where Are Its Heirs?

      “…The forward march of progress and the health of the economy rely on continued improvement in semiconductors…”

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    1. | The Register

      Ex-Skyera chaps'Tachyum startup grabs cloud chip cash

      “…One of the obstacles in developing ambitious projects in a number of fields is the lack of access to high-performance processing chips needed to tackle the ever-increasing number and complexity of algorithms demanded of today’s computing problems, as well as the high energy consumption of the rapidly expanding data center market…”

    2. | HPC Wire

      Cloud Chip Company Tachyum Receives Venture Capital Investment from IPM

      “…Tachyum’s founders have a proven track record at previous companies of solving problems caused by device physics and in delivering disruptive products to market…”

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    1. |


      “… We don’t know any details of Tachyum’s plans yet but what we do know is that in past ventures the founders have changed the economic boundaries of what the data systems industry had previously believed to be possible… "

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    1. | Forbes

      Why Energy Is A Big And Rapidly Growing Problem For Data Centers

      “…Given there are currently 10 billion internet-connected devices, doubling that to 20 billion will require massive increases to our data center infrastructure, which will massively increase our electricity consumption…”

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    1. | IPMllp

      The Danube Valley: from Manufacturers to Innovators

      “…Rado Danilak discussed among the panelists on the event “The Danube Valley: From Manufacturers to Innovators” to address the opportunities, challenges and significance of the Danube Valley region with respect to innovation…”

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    1. | TechTarget

      IoT and secure data centers

      “IoT devices and use cases are exploding. Coupled with advances in artificial intelligence (AI), they are poised to transform our lives. Interfaces are moving from touchscreen to intelligent voice control. In order for IoT devices to become ubiquitous, they must be increasingly intelligent and, at the same time, low cost. That is the conundrum - product attributes that are in conflict with each other. … "

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    1. | ZDNet

      Tachyum bets on flash storage to re-architect the cloud data center

      “…Cloud datacenters rely on acres of disk drives to store data, and startupTachyum aims to change that with an all-flash cloud. The secret sauce is a combination of transistor physics and advanced data encoding…”

    2. | Business Insider

      Tachyum Presents 'Going Mainstream with Low-Cost, Flash-Only Data Centers at Flash Memory Summit'

      Veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur Dr. Rado Danilak is well known as an innovator in bringing low cost flash to consumer and enterprise markets, on the strength of his landmark Flash Memory Controller Chip developed at SandForce and his game changing ultra-dense all flash arrays at Skyera.

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    1. | The Register

      US falling behind China' in semiconductors but storage startup promises to kiss it better

      “…The alert claims that the US economy’s leadership in the $335bn global semiconductor industry and the $1 trillion market for high-tech products and services powered by these semiconductors is at risk. It frightens us with China’s lead in supercomputing, but says Tachyum says not to worry…”

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    1. | The Register

      Say a stealthy 'hi' to Gluent, Tachyum and VAST Data

      “… The Skyera boys are back in town with Tachyum, a startup launched to “solve the problem of declining rates of processing technology advancement, performance, density, and cost improvements which have all hit plateaux… "

    2. |

      New Start-Up Tachyum in Nanometer-Class Chips and Systems They Power

      “… The impact of Tachyum products will be felt across a spectrum of applications and markets … "

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