Nos produits

  • Tachyum Prodigy® T848

    Tachyum Prodigy® T848

    • 48 64-bit cores in a single socket up to 5+ GHz
    • 8 x DDR5 up to DDR5-6400
    • 48 lanes PCI Express 5.0
  • Tachyum Prodigy® T896

    Tachyum Prodigy® T896

    • 96 64-bit cores in a single socket up to 5+ GHz
    • 8 x DDR5-6400
    • 48 lanes PCI Express 5.0
  • Tachyum Prodigy® T16192

    Tachyum Prodigy® T16192

    • 192 64-bit cores in a single socket up to 5+ GHz
    • 16 x DDR5 up to DDR5-7200
    • 96 lanes PCI Express 5.0

Early Access to Prodigy Customer and Partner Portal Enables Prodigy Evaluation from your Browser

Customers and partners can easily and conveniently access and license use of virtual machine software running native Linux on Prodigy’s powerful Emulation System.

Prodigy’s emulation platform provides a wide range of rich features to facilitate testing and evaluation.

  • All build tools required for application development,
  • Most frequently used libraries for application development,
  • Standard suite of utilities,
  • Set of larger applications that include Apache, MariaDB, MongoDB, Perl, PHP, Python, PyTorch, and TensorFlow,
  • Prodigy’s x86 binary translation allows customers to run their existing x86 applications without modification.

Tachyum’s convenient and powerful web portal allows customers and partners to develop, test and evaluate a broad range of Prodigy features and key applications running natively on the Prodigy instruction set architecture.

Tachyum Prodigy Reference Designs

As a silicon company, Tachyum’s platform strategy includes offering evaluation platforms for early evaluation and testing for customers and partners and allowing the evaluation platforms to be utilized as enablers for OEMs and ODMs to leverage to design production platforms.

In order to streamline our entry into the market we have chosen Chenbro as our chassis partner for the Prodigy evaluation platforms. Chenbro’s standard chassis products provide solutions for both 1U and 2U which address Prodigy’s high-performance requirements, allowing Tachyum to focus on the device and motherboard development while using off-the-shelf chassis for the Prodigy evaluation platforms.

  • Tachyum Prodigy® FPGA-Based Emulator

    Customers will be able to use Prodigy’s fully functional FPGA emulation for product evaluation, performance measurements, as well as software development, debug and compatibility testing. The hardware emulator consists of multiple FPGA and IO boards connected by cables in a rack. The single board with 4 FPGAs emulates 8 full processor cores including vector and matrix fixed and floating-point processing units.

    As of June 27th, 2023, orders of Prodigy FPGA Prototypes have been concluded. New partners and customers who wish to work with Prodigy FPGAs for product evaluation, performance measurements, software development, debugging and compatibility testing can arrange for private testing in Tachyum’s facility by contacting us . As these are shared systems, they can’t be used for classified or proprietary data or data subject to regulatory governance.

  • Tachyum Prodigy® Software Emulation Systems

    Customers and partners can use Prodigy’s software emulation for evaluation, development and debugging, and with it, they can begin to transition existing applications that demand high performance and low power to run optimally on Prodigy processors. Pre-built systems include a Prodigy emulator, native Linux, toolchains, compilers, user-mode applications, x86, ARM and RISC-V emulators.


  • TPU® Tachyum Prodigy® IoT/Edge Licensable Hardware IP

    With the tremendous growth of the AI chipset market for edge inference, Tachyum® TPU (Tachyum Processing Unit) is positioned to expand the unique value proposition of its Tachyum Prodigy based training to its TPU AI Inference Engine, as a licensable core. That will allow IoT and Edge developers take full advantage of Tachyum Prodigy datacenter trained AI to make IoT/Edge devices intelligent through TPU IP.

  • Tachyum Software Distribution Package

    Prodigy® software distribution, a completely integrated software stack and package, is available to early adopters and customers as a pre-installed image as part of the beta phase of testing.

    Applications included in the beta version of the distribution package have been tested to work straight out of the box so that customers and partners can immediately begin using the Prodigy reference design. Additionally, users can effortlessly restore to the original image in case any issues arise during the beta testing phase.