1. 2021

  1. November

    1. Tachyum Emulation portal During development of a new processor, close cooperation of architects, hardware, software, and verification teams is necessary. Architects are responsible for the design of the chip, its instruction set, fetching and evaluation process of each instruction, cooperation, and data exchange between CPU cores and between the entire CPU in a multi-socket configuration. Many more of their activities define overall properties, performance, and the processor’s ability to communicate with external peripherals.

    2. Self-driving cars have become a reality, with Tesla in the lead by far. With their cars collecting millions of miles daily, it would take many years for EU vendors to catch up. However, Tachyum technology, which could be 10 times faster than Tesla, empowers EU to not only catch up but exceed that number in 2-3 years. Why is this important? What are the benefits to drivers and passengers? Let’s look at history that shows that driving cars goes hand in hand with accidents.

  2. March

    1. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are trending topics across media, having captured the imaginations of companies and consumers alike with the promise of how these technologies will revolutionize industries and lifestyles in the near and distant future. As many the once-only-imagined projects, like autonomous vehicles, become reality, the coverage has been celebratory and optimistic about how they will benefit society. But what is often underreported is the cost that such advancements impact on the world to achieve such results.

  1. 2021