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  • Robert Cisar

    Robert Cisar

    Business Development Manager

    Robert has more than 20 years of managerial experience, leading EMEA departments, projects and businesses with financial responsibility in global corporations. As a trusted advisor demonstrating an ability to bridge business and IT, he engaged customers on CxO-level.

    Prior to Tachyum, Robert served as Global Enterprise Sales Strategy Manager at ESET, where he was responsible for overall sales for enterprise segment. He previously held business development and service excellence management positions at HP and Siemens.

    Robert holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Slovak University of Technology.

  • Marwan Oghli

    Marwan Oghli

    Business Development Manager

    Marwan fluently speaks Arabic language and will be responsible for expanding Tachyum’s focus to the Middle East.

    Prior to Tachyum, Marwan spent 15 years at IBM, where he served multiple managerial positions, including alliances and business development for Lenovo, Cisco and other big names partners as part of the FlashSystem storage portfolio in the Central and Eastern Europe region.

    Marwan holds a Master’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Slovak University of Technology.

  • Juraj Polak

    Juraj Polak

    Business Development Manager

    Juraj has more than 30 years’ experience of managerial positions in corporations and companies like IBM, Sun Microsystems, Informix or PosAm. He led successful projects in telecommunication, finance, manufacturing and public sector. He has also rich experience in software development.

    Juraj holds a Master’s degree in Automatization and Robotics from the Slovak University of Technology.