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  • Adrian Vycital

    Adrian Vycital

    Managing Partner, InfraPartners Mgmt. LLP

    Adrian is a successful infrastructure entrepreneur having spent more than ten years developing infrastructure projects in Central & Eastern Europe.

    Adrian is the founder of SynCo Group, a leading company engaged in infrastructure project development and management with a strong focus on renewables, employing more than 300 experts in the fields of energy, construction and technology. SynCo has made investments in excess of €120m over the past decade, and has an annual turnover of more than €30m. SynCo’s success demonstrates Adrian’s strong track record in managing the design, implementation and investment of renewable energy projects.

    Adrian holds an engineering degree from the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava and has attended numerous advanced management courses throughout Europe and the United States. He is fluent in English and Slovak, with a working knowledge of Croatian, Polish and Russian.

  • Dr. Radoslav Danilak

    Dr. Radoslav Danilak

    Co-founder and CEO

    “Rado” Danilak has over 25 years of industry experience and over 100 patents designing state-of-the-art processing systems. In 2016 he founded Tachyum to disrupt markets by solving the processing performance plateau of nanometer class chips.

    Rado was founder and CEO of Skyera, a supplier of ultra-dense solid-state storage systems, acquired by WD in 2014. As CEO he won the 2013 Gold Tech Awards Circle for Emerging Company Executive of the Year. At Wave Computing, Rado architected the 10GHz Processing Element of deep learning DPU.

    Rado was cofounder and CTO of SandForce acquired by LSI in 2011 for $377M. Rado pioneered enterprise and consumer MLC flash controllers and solved endurance limited by device physics. He was a chipset and GPU architect at nVidia, a CPU architect at Nishan Systems and Toshiba, and chief architect of 64b x86 CPU at Gizmo Tech.

    The Microprocessor Report said Rado “has developed some interesting ideas that show significant promise in delivering performance better than that of the leading processors expected in near future… these ideas are likely to appear in other next-generation instruction sets, including the HP/Intel IA-64.”

    Dr. Danilak is U.S. citizen born in Slovakia, and serves on the Slovak government’s Innovation Advisory Board. He is a member of the IDC Technical Computing Advisory Panel, the Forbes Technology Council, a contributor to TechTargett, member of IEEE, member of Technology Transfer Bulletin (TTB) Editorial Board and member of the Board of Directors of the Dionýz Ilkovič Foundation. He holds a Ph.D in Computer Science and an MS in Electrical Engineering from the TUKE Slovakia, where he taught compiler courses.