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Tachyum Partners with Numericcal to Provide AI-On-Demand

Tachyum’s Cloud Chip provides superior AI performance of complex DNN computations

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 8, 2018 – Silicon Valley startup Tachyum Inc. today announced an alliance with Numericcal that will enable its Cloud Chips to support Numericcal’s Deep Neural Network (DNN) deployment technology. Tachyum’s Cloud chip is a Universal Processing Platform for data center, AI and HPC workloads. With Numericcal’s software leveraging the performance benefits of Tachyum’s Cloud Chip, data centers will transform from a repository of information, into a service within the cloud that provides organizations and individuals with on-demand Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Tachyum’s Cloud Chip is being designed to solve the world’s most complex problems in data centers. However, it also demonstrates the best AI performance anywhere. Furthermore, Tachyum’s Cloud Chip is capable of seamlessly and dynamically switching from data center workloads to various AI applications – DNN, Symbolic AI, Bio AI or General AI – and back again, based on an ever-changing mix of customer demand. Numericcal, with its platform for deployment, optimization and management of DNN models across a multitude of HW/SW stacks, is the first alliance launched under Tachyum’s new network of AI partners.

“Numericcal accelerates development and simplifies maintenance of software with Deep Learning components,” said Shaoyi Cheng, CTO of Numericcal. “We offer native SDKs for easy DNN integration. Once networks are integrated using SDKs, we offer cloud analytics to monitor, optimize and update the deployment.”

“There are tremendous opportunities for AI-based applications to leverage our disruptive processor technology to improve the speed, performance, and cost of their data-intensive operations,” said Dr. Radoslav “Rado” Danilak, Tachyum CEO. “As a chip company, working in alliance with AI companies like Numericcal helps to accelerate the development and deployment of our solution to this emerging market, ensuring that performance is not the limiting factor in the advancement of deep learning technologies currently being created.”

Tachyum unlocks unprecedented performance, power efficiency and cost advantages to solve the most complex problems in big data analytics, deep learning, mobile, and High Performance Computing. Tachyum’s disruptive Cloud Chip tackles the most pressing global issues in data centers today by reducing server hardware capital expenditure by 3x, server power consumption by 10x, and server rack space by more than 90 percent. Total annual cost of ownership for data / AI centers using Tachyum Cloud Chips is expected to be 4x lower.

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About Tachyum

Named for the Greek “tachy,” meaning speed, combined with “-um,” indicating an element, Tachyum emerged from stealth mode in 2017 to engineer disruptive intelligent information processing products. Tachyum’s founders have a track record of solving problems caused by device physics to deliver transformational products to market.

About Numericcal

Numericcal helps Data Scientists and Machine Learning experts get to deployment easily and iterate on Deep Learning models quickly. Our SDKs simplify integration of Deep Learning into production software, while our cloud analytics offer actionable insights into behavior of deployed models in production. For more information visit: