• Currently happening

    1. World Premiere of Human Brain Scale AI Powered by Tachyum’s Prodigy logo
      | Dubai, UAE

      World Premiere of Human Brain Scale AI Powered by Tachyum’s Prodigy

      Tachyum is a highlight among exhibits at Expo Dubai with the world premiere of Human Brain Scale AI Powered by its Prodigy Universal Processor.

      In cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, Tachyum hosted the event featuring an in-depth discussion on the importance of AI and supercomputers, which will reach human brain-scale AI in 2022

      Watch the livestream recording below.

  • Upcoming events

    1. LEAP logo
      | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


      Tachyum will take part in LEAP, the global and unique event for future technologies and the most disruptive technology professionals from around the world. The event aims to bring together the world’s greatest minds; from leading technology corporations, inspiring pioneers from global start-ups and venture capitalists with the means to make it all happen.

  • Past events

    1. SC21 logo
      | St. Louis, MO


      Tachyum joins the largest exhibition of technology, products, solutions, and services in HPC with the boldest, broadest HPC technical program in the multiverse.

      Rob Reiner, Product Marketing Director, Tachyum, will present at the Exhibitor Forum on theme HPC Futures and Exascale: “HPC and AI Convergence in a Homogeneous Exascale Cluster”.

    2. ITAPA 2021 International Congress logo
      | Bratislava, Slovakia

      ITAPA 2021 International Congress

      Dr. Radoslav Danilak, CEO, Tachyum will speak at an international professional conference about how to make Slovakia the leader of modern Europe and the world and will take part in the debate Why do we need a functioning and competitive digital state?

      Robert Cisar, Business Development Manager, Tachyum, will take part in the panel Why do we need supercomputers? He will speak about the commercial use of supercomputers.

    3. #akonato Conference 2021 logo
      | Bratislava, Slovakia

      #akonato Conference 2021

      Radoslav Danilak, CEO, Tachyum, will speak at the 3rd year largest business autumn event.

    4. GLOBSEC 2021 Tatra Summit logo
      | High Tatras, Slovakia

      GLOBSEC 2021 Tatra Summit

      Radoslav Danilak, CEO, Tachyum, will speak at the 10th edition of GLOBSEC Tatra Summit, representing one of the leading platforms in Europe, that has built a community of top statesmen, high-level private sector representatives, visionaries, experts from the most influential European organisations and academia.

    5. SlovakiaTech Forum - Expo logo
      | Košice, Slovakia

      SlovakiaTech Forum - Expo

      Rado Danilak, CEO, Tachyum, will speak on an international professional conference gathering Slovak and foreign experts on innovation and presenting the innovation potential of Slovak companies.

    6. Hot Chips 33 logo
      | Digital

      Hot Chips 33

      Tachyum will be a part of Hot Chips event, which provides an opportunity for chip designers, computer architects, system engineers, press and analysts, as well as attendees from national laboratories and academia to mix, mingle and see presentations on the latest technologies and products.

    7. ISC High Performance 2021 logo
      | Digital

      ISC High Performance 2021

      “Bringing together more than 3,500 attendees and exhibitors, this will undeniably be the largest community get together in Europe for high performance computing, machine learning and data analytics.”

    8. CFO Forum logo
      | Bratislava, Slovakia

      CFO Forum

      CFO Forums are organized by European Business Conferences Group (EBCG). CFO Forum Slovakia is the most successful platform for CFOs in this region.

    9. GLOBSEC 2021 Bratislava Forum logo
      | Bratislava, Slovakia

      GLOBSEC 2021 Bratislava Forum

      Globsec is one of the top strategic conferences globally. The Forum facilitates the free exchange of ideas and provides a meeting place for stakeholders from all sectors of society to actively shape the future we want for us and the generations to come.

    10. Spring ITAPA Conference logo
      | Bratislava, Slovakia

      Spring ITAPA Conference

      Rado Danilak, CEO, Tachyum, will speak on the ITAPA Conferences, which are the largest conferences in Slovakia with the participation of top speakers from Slovakia and abroad, devoted mainly to eGovernment topics.

    11. HPC User Forum logo
      | Digital

      HPC User Forum

      Rado Danilak, CEO, Tachyum, will speak on the Innovative Technology Panel at the virtual meeting of the HPC User Forum run by Hyperion Research.

    12. | Digital

      DIA CIO Virtual Summit

      DIA (Defence Intelligence Agency) CIO Virtual Summit will connect together government agencies, academia and the private sector.