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Tachyum Prodigy Complete Software Package Enters Testing

LAS VEGAS, November 28, 2023 – Tachyum® today announced that it has completed development of the software stack for the Prodigy® Universal Processor and has now entered the alpha testing phase in preparation of chip production and distribution planned for next year.

Tachyum software engineers have worked hard to enable the full potential of Prodigy with the development of a rich ecosystem of applications, system software, frameworks and libraries that are ported to run natively on Prodigy hardware. Once the software package completes its testing and runs cleanly on FPGA, the company can fully transition to advancing the Universal Processor into production.

The Prodigy software distribution is a completely integrated software stack and package that is ready for deployment “as is.” It is available as a single pre-installed image for Tachyum’s early adopters and customers. Applications have been tested to work out of the box so that customers can immediately start using the reference design. If users encounter any issues during deployment, the software can be quickly and easily restored to its original image.

Included in the software distribution package as part of alpha testing are:

  • System software including UEFI, Linux, SE-Linux, FreeBSD, KVM, XEN, GCC, LLVM, TensorFlow and PyTorch. From UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface), a next-generation interface between operating systems and platform firmware, customers can select Linux, SE-Linux, FreeBSD, KVM, Xen and others.
  • Middleware like containers, etc.
  • Applications such as databases, web servers, email servers and more
  • AI software and HPC software
  • Out-of-box binary compatibility with x86, ARM and RISC-V through dynamic binary translation
  • Demo applications and tests of applications

As a Universal Processor offering industry-leading performance for all workloads, Prodigy-powered data center servers can seamlessly and dynamically switch between computational domains (such as AI/ML, HPC, and cloud) with a single homogeneous architecture. By eliminating the need for expensive dedicated AI hardware and dramatically increasing server utilization, Prodigy reduces CAPEX and OPEX significantly while delivering unprecedented data center performance, power, and economics. Prodigy integrates 192 high-performance custom-designed 64-bit compute cores, to deliver up to 4.5x the performance of the highest-performing x86 processors for cloud workloads, up to 3x that of the highest performing GPU for HPC, and 6x for AI applications.

“We recognized early on that if we wanted to revolutionize the data center by producing the world’s smallest, fastest and greenest general-purpose chip that it would be imperative to deliver a stack capable of handling the full gamut of software that would run on it,” said Dr. Radoslav Danilak, founder and CEO of Tachyum. “As our Universal Processor chip nears production-ready status, we are proud to have developed an expansive portfolio of software ready to run natively on Prodigy. Having it available for alpha testing is a massive step towards revolutionizing the data center.”

A video demonstrating the alpha release of Tachyum’s Prodigy software distribution package is available for viewing below.

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Tachyum is transforming the economics of AI, HPC, public and private cloud workloads with Prodigy, the world’s first Universal Processor. Prodigy unifies the functionality of a CPU, a GPGPU, and a TPU in a single processor that delivers industry-leading performance, cost, and power efficiency for both specialty and general-purpose computing. When hyperscale data centers are provisioned with Prodigy, all AI, HPC, and general-purpose applications can run on the same infrastructure, saving companies billions of dollars in hardware, footprint, and operational expenses. As global data center emissions contribute to a changing climate, and consume more than four percent of the world’s electricity—projected to be 10 percent by 2030—the ultra-low power Prodigy Universal Processor is a potential breakthrough for satisfying the world’s appetite for computing at a lower environmental cost. Prodigy, now in its final stages of testing and integration before volume manufacturing, is being adopted in prototype form by a rapidly growing customer base, and robust purchase orders signal a likely IPO in late 2024. Tachyum has offices in the United States and Slovakia. For more information, visit