Java JIT Compiler Engineer


  • Bratislava, Slovakia

Job fields:

  • Software
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  • Cooperate and manage small external team, which ports Java JIT to our new architecture
  • Transfer and document the knowledge from porting process
  • Ensure coding standard and performance requirements
  • Bugfix and maintain Java JIT compiler, later add new functionality
  • Able to come with technical improvements and performance optimization
  • Mentor/educate another team members


  • BS / MS in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering
  • Solid foundations in computer science - Operating Systems, data structures, compilers
  • Very good logical and algorithms thinking
  • Ability and passion to learn new technologies and apply the knowledge quickly
  • Java and C++ expert
  • Understanding of JVM Internal Architecture
  • Able to read and debug Java byte code
  • Leadership capabilities

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