The World's First Universal Processor

Tachyum is enabling human brain-scale AI and advancing the entire world to a greener era, by delivering Tachyum Prodigy® - The World’s First Universal Processor.

About us
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  • 3x lower sell cost per MIPS (Millions of Instructions per Second)
  • 4x lower Data Center annual Total Cost of Ownership
  • 10x lower power while outperforming the fastest Xeon

Transform your data center into a Universal Computing Center with Prodigy®

Doing More With Less

Tachyum Prodigy® chip is the world’s smallest, fastest and greenest general-purpose chip with wide applications in hyperscale data centers, private cloud, and AI/high-performance computing.

How We Are Changing the World

How We Are Changing the World
Tachyum products significantly reduce data center power consumption, which lowers carbon emissions and helps to address climate change and keep our planet green.
 Existing Applications Run Seamlessly Without Modifications

Existing Applications Run Seamlessly Without Modifications

A single processor that delivers industry leading performance for hyperscale, high-performance computing and artificial intelligence workloads.

Existing Software Packages Running Natively on Prodigy ISA

“We have long believed in our ability to overcome Moore’s Law to transform hyperscale data centers into true universal computing centers. With the launch of Prodigy, we have begun the revolution.”
- Dr. Radoslav Danilak, Co-founder and CEO

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It See What Others Say About Us

  • Zuzana Čaputová
    “If we want to start catching up with the living standards of western countries again, we need to develop cutting-edge technologies in Slovakia. We need companies with the ambition to push the boundaries of what is possible and with the goal of succeeding in the world market. It´s great that we already have companies with this vision in Slovakia.”
    Zuzana Čaputová, Former President of the Slovak Republic
  • Prof. Mateo Valero
    “BSC has the opportunity to evaluate HPC infrastructure backed by the Prodigy Universal Processor, a potential tool to add to your computing infrastructure that could enable our staff to achieve their goals better than ever before.”
    Prof. Mateo Valero, Director of Barcelona Supercomputing Center
  • Prof. Thomas Lippert
    “It is one of our guiding principles to collaborate with innovative processor developers worldwide. Prodigy was designed to largely avoid silicon underutilization, which is what makes the processor so attractive for energy-efficient simulations, data analytics and AI applications.”
    Prof. Thomas Lippert, Director of Jülich Supercomputing Centre
  • Prof. Maria Bielikova
    “I believe that our partnership with Tachyum will foster sustainable innovation and contribute to creating an attractive environment for the most skilled talents.”
    Prof. Maria Bielikova, Director General of KInIT
  • Petr Plodik
    “Prodigy processors from Tachyum look very promising for HPC and AI deployments from compute performance point of view. We look forward to the first samples of Prodigy chips to stress them under real workloads at our customers.”
    Petr Plodik, Sales Director at M Computers
  • Eric Hui
    “We’re excited to partner with Tachyum. Our chassis solutions, coupled with Prodigy’s innovation, will drive new standards in AI and HPC.”
    Eric Hui, President of Chenbro